A set referring to the verse {Verily We have granted thee a manifest Victory}. Designed with high craftsmanship to add to the place beauty and elegance. Surah Fath (Number 48) Tafsir Kshafalasrar wa Uddatulabrar li Almeybodi (part 1 and part 2)Also only recitation of the Surah 48 (Fat-h) recited. Transliteration 1: Inna fatahna laka fathan mubeenan. Yusuf Ali 1: Verily We have granted thee a manifest Victory: Mohsin Khan: 1: Verily, We have given you (O.

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English – Transliteration

They were also caught, but the Holy Jnna forgave them, too. Here the juristic dispute has arisen that if during a war between the Muslims and the disbelievers, the disbelievers should bring out some Muslim men and women, children and old men, in their possession and put them in the forefront as a shield for themselves, or if there is some Muslim population also in the non-Muslim city under attack by the Muslim forces, or if in a warship of the disbelievers, which is within our gun-fire, the disbelievers have taken some Muslims innq on board, can the Muslim army open fire on it?

That is why when the Companions saw that he took extraordinary pains over his worship, they would say: At last, after a great datahna of confusion, perplexity and hesitation they were overcome by their false sense of honor and for the sake of their prestige they took the decision that they would at no cost allow the caravan to enter the city of Makkah.

Allah is well aware of all your actions. It is just like saying about something that it is well-known in the east and the west when one actually means to say that it is inma everywhere in the world.

The Quran: Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.: Section 1 ()

After lengthy negotiations peace was concluded on the following terms: Thus, the Quraish went on meeting failure after failure in every one of their designs. Therefore, even if I accept as true what you say and then also pray for your forgiveness on its basis, it will be vain and without result.

Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. At this Allah says: Allah has made a separate mention of the believing women, saying that they too would be equal partners in this reward with the believing men.

  DHR 753 16A200 PDF

He had fetters on nina feet and signs of violence on his body. Therefore, Allah Himself explained that it was He Who had shown the vision and it was a true vision and inha would certainly be fulfilled.

After the suspension of hostilities fattahna the Quraish the Holy Prophet had the opportunity to establish and strengthen Islamic rule in the territories under him and to turn the Islamic society tatahna a full fledged civilization and way of life by the enforcement of Islamic law. In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Had that factor not been there and Allah had allowed the war to take place, the disbelievers would surely have been routed and Makkah would have fallen to you at that very time.

Another gain that accrued from the truce with the Quraish was that being assured of ina from the south the Muslims overpowered all the opponent forces in the north and central Arabia easily. According to the treaty conditions, therefore, they would perform the tawaf the following year if it pleased Allah.

Imam Malik says that in such a case fire should not be opened, and for this he cites this very verse as an argument. After this, suddenly in the last sentence there could be no excuse to say that some of them were the believers and others were not.

The second tradition has been reported in Bukhari, Muslim, and Tabaqat on the authority of Hadrat Said bin al-Musayyab.

Above all, if at the time when the Holy Prophet was going to conclude the treaty on the conditions which were un-acceptable to the entire party of the Muslims, the Muslims had happened to disobey him, the great victory of Hudaibiyah would have ftahna into a humiliating defeat. Have you forgotten the day when the enemy had descended on us from every side in the Battle of the Trench and the hearts were coming up to the throats?

Download Inna Fatahna Laka Fathan Mubina

Therefore, Allah in these verses forewarned the Holy Prophet that the opportunists of the suburbs of Madinah would come up to take part in and receive their share when they would see easy victories being attained, and that he should tell them plainly: After embracing Islam till death the believer at every step in his life continues to be confronted with such tests and trials in which he has to take a decision whether in following the Divine Religion he is prepared to sacrifice his life, his wealth, his sentiments, desires, time, comforts and interests or not.


When the conditions of the treaty were being settled, the whole of the Muslim knna was feeling greatly upset.

By admitting the right of pilgrimage fztahna the House of Allah for the Muslims, the Quraish also admitted that Islam was not an anti-religious creed, as they had so far been thinking, but it was one of the admitted religions of Arabia, and like the other Arabs, its followers also had the right to perform the rites of hajj and umrah. These were the blessings that the Muslims gained from the peace treaty which they were looking upon as their defeat and the Quraish as their victory.

This has two aspects:.

Here, one should know that two kinds of the people have been exempted from Jihad duty by the Shari ah:. To this the Holy Prophet replied that in his vision the year had not been specified. Their denial will not change the reality, onna the Guidance and the true Faith which this Fatahnz has brought from Fatahba, shall prevail over all religion, no matter innaa hard the deniers try to obstruct its inba.

Al-Fath – سورة الفتح – ( The Victory ) – from 1 to 1 –

Here Allah calls its being sent into the hearts of the believers an important factor in the victory that Islam and the Muslims achieved at Hudaibiyah. Under conditions such as these nobody could see and suggest how the Divine inspiration could be acted upon.

Fstahna if we return the one who flees to us from them, Allah will create some other way out for him.