In addition, new Ifmis users will be required to undergo training at the Kenya School of Government before being granted system access rights. The IFMIS e-procurement system has a feature called the Kenya suppliers portal which is advantageous for any supplier who intends to do business with the. IFMIS Portal. There are no Tenders at the moment. Keep visiting our website for updates if there are any tenders uploaded. KENAS Management. GOK Tenders.

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Most of us have heard or experienced first-hand the challenges of transacting with the government. You can use the username and your unique ksnya to login to the Kenya Supplier portal and to also bid for open tenders. Registration through the Kenya supplier portal is effortless and straightforward such that even an individual with just the basic computer skills can register his business by himslef.

As from 1st Januarythe new rules of awarding tenders explain that it will be compulsory for all suppliers to undertake all their procurement through the e-procurement system, IFMIS.

The application is then followed by extensive oenya, after which the tender will be awarded to the right bidder.

The Kenya supplier portal acts as a direct communication channel between the suppliers and the government procuring entities. Lawyer Ahmednasir in Twitter fight with TV girl for claiming local stations hire women for their booty size. If you are the winner, then make sure you honor the contract by delivering the services or the goods you promised. A potential supplier who wishes to bid for any kenja tenders in Kenya will need to self-register his business through IFMIS supplier portal.

How to register on IFMIS as a supplier

Pensions Group Personal Accident. Fortunately, the good news is we are in If you love the thrill of competing with various companies with keya documentation and licenses, then you need to know how to register with IFMIS.

Welcome to The National Treasury’s Website. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As per the new guidelines and in accordance to an executive order issued by President Uhuru Kenyattathe procurement officers are required to keep information of the companies that expressed interest in the open tenders.


Kenyw advert is an invitation to the members of public to participate in the public hearing.

IFMIS – Hela zetu Huduma bora

Remember to do a cost analysis, quote the proper pricing, submit your bid and make payments before the set deadline. Instead, if you’re a supplier and you intend to do business with the government, you can go for IFMIS self registration. All the information will be held for up to 6 years regardless of whether the company won the tender or not. Find us on Social Media. Prospective suppliers who wish to pursue government tenders must provide the following information on the IFMIS portal:.

Acts Finance Bills Tax Agreements. Reading through the bid will help you gauge on whether or not you can actually deliver. He urged governors drawn from the 47 counties to appreciate an overview of IFMIS e-procurement, deliberations on how to enhance implementation of the system and how to address the emerging challenges that may face e-procurement implementation process in the counties.

IFMIS Supplier Portal – Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives

This is because the government has come up with IFMIS e-procurement system which is a self-registration feature that makes the procurement process effective and efficient. Finally, no matter how tedious and exhausting the tendering process is, do not give up!

Maybe you have applied once or twice, but none was successful, lenya IFMIS supplier portal allows any supplier to participate in open tenders equally and to bid on any advertised products, project or services. Share with your friends! There is the issue of long forms to fill online, the long waiting period of not knowing whether you have been awarded the tender or not. Annet Gunther, Head of German Government negotiation delegation mr.

Treasury at a Glance. So you can forget about physically going to government offices to transact business and standing in long queues for hours. As a bidder, you will have to purchase the tender document from the official IFMIS portal and always ensure that you comply with the criteria of the bidding documents. The main purpose is to eradicate the hustle of delivering documents to County Government offices manually.


Here is a step by step guide. The soft copy can be forwarded to This email address is being protected from spambots.


Now that you know the benefits of IFMIS, what are the registration requirements and how itmis you register as a supplier? He said the National Treasury is mandated by Section 12 1 e of the Public Finance Management Act to design and prescribe an efficient financial management system for the National and County governments which will also ensure transparent financial iffmis and standard financial reporting.

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IFMIS e-procurement rolled out throughout the keya to enhance service delivery to the public. Why is humility important to a Christian?

It is also aimed at concreting commitments jointly agreed on by the National Government, Council of Governors and Development Partners and its reporting mechanism and schedule of progress. Margaret Kobia presents a Certificate of Recognition to Mr. National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Mr. IFMIS tenders provide you with a good income which in some cases can be in millions without the need to have one of a kind business idea.

This email address is being protected ifmid spambots. Facts and Life Hacks. Be prepared to meet various protocols and rules. Next, fill and complete the necessary forms and provide requested documents which can include a Tax Compliance certificate and KRA pin. This is to ensure that the tendering process is done in a fair and transparent manner. The IFMIS e-procurement system has a feature called the Kenya suppliers portal which is advantageous for any supplier who intends to do business with the government.

If,is that the first step in applying for any government of Kenya tenders is to ensure ifmmis or your business is registered through IFMIS supplier portal.