Service updates for TerrSet users; download TerrSet Tutorial Data; and fixes, posted February 16, ; IDRISI Selva Users – Service Update to v Eastman, J.R. () IDRISI Selva Tutorial. IDRISI Production, Clark Labs-Clark University, Worcester, To start IDRISI, double-click on the IDRISI application icon in the IDRISI Selva Program Folder. This will load the IDRISI system. Once the system has loaded.

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Add the three imagebands band1 as blue, band2 as green, and band3 as red. Ignore any message that may appear about a “Data path not found.

Repeat for each city; you can add more ifrisi if you like e. If you are finished, print your map composition using the Print command in the Map Composer.

GEOB Lab 3: Introduction to IDRISI

Zoom into the area just southeast of Chilliwack where Hwy 1 runs more or tktorial due east-west, and use the Measure tool to determine how far off in a north-south direction only the vector sevla are from the roads as imaged in the Landsat images.

Do these values correspond to the digital numbers for the pixels in bands 2, 3 and 4? Print the map composition you created in this exercise. Repeat this process for the 6 remaining bands.

Browse for the Tutogial file it should be the only choice. You may not need to save your work if you answer the questions as you go. Remember that when you use the computers in the lab, you should work locally on the C: For this lab, and the succeeding labs, you will be using Windows Explorer to copy, paste, unzip and zip the data: You have now set both the projects folder and the working directory.


Is the spatial resolution of this image different from that of the other bands? Print your band 6 ifrisi. Home Syllabus Schedule Projects.

From within the Raster Group, display Landsat 6 and Landsat To create a true colour composite of bands 1, 2 and 3: Click on Projects tab in the Idrisi Explorer window. Another window will appear, in which ttorial enter the name of the city Caption.

The roads should appear overlaid on the Landsat image.

The imageries were classified using ArcGIS Rapid population growth and increasing economic activities have resulted in unsustainable exploitation and rapid decline in the spatial extent of forest reserves in Nigeria. As such, this is a long lab 6 hours is tutoral estimate for the time required to complete this lab. Fly through and illumination optional, but it is quick and fun!

You will be complete five of the Tutorial Part 1: Save your text file by clicking on the Save Digitized Data button just to the left of the digitize tool button.


GEOB 373: Introductory Remote Sensing

Studying land use dynamics of these forest reserves is essential for analysing various ecological and developmental consequences over time. While many people place the band numbers following a short-to-long wavelengths convention e.

You will be completing the following exercises for this lab: Name the output file Landsat In the Tools menuclick on the Digitize tool looks like a bulls eye. Displaying the data and creating images The first thing to do is to create a True Colour composite image.

Starting with Band 1: What is the elevation of the lake? Do not save the zip file to H: Idrksi Sensing Geob It sometimes takes a few minutes for Explorer window to refresh and for the new files appear in the listing.

The naming convention for composite images is variable.

You will first import the Landsat data. Click in the image window where you want the beginning of the text to go. In the IDRISI tutorial the first convention ordered by increasing wavelength was followed as discussed in footnote 19 on page 27 of the Tutorialso we shall follow that convention in our labs.