Hypertherm, HyPerformance, HyDefinition, LongLife and CommandTHC are trademarks of .. HPRXD Manual Gas – Revision 2. guarantees the Hypertherm quality you can count on. The HPRXD delivers superior bar ( psi) Manual gas console. 8 bar ( psi). ArcGlide, EDGE Pro, Hypertherm, HPR and Sensor THC are trademarks of Hypertherm, Inc. and may be When you see a safety symbol in this manual or on your machine HPRXD, HPRXD with a built-in.

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Document Outline

Contact your supplier if any items are missing. The metal braided shield on the torch leads must be connected fi rmly to the ignition console and to the torch. The leads can be enclosed inside a plastic sleeve The following shall be taken into account: Pinte las paredes y otras superficies de colores oscuros, para reducir el reflejo.

The workpiece and anything touching the workpiece are part of the electrical circuit.

HyPerformance Plasma. HPRXD Manual gas. Instruction manual Revision 2 – PDF

I can’t decide if it’s the hypertherm control causing the problem or the machine controller, but I’d bet a nickel on the latter Monitor or test the air quality at the site as needed.


Cuffless trousers to prevent entry of sparks and slag. All communications regarding claims must include the model number and serial number located on the rear of the power supply.

Place the power cord s ground wire on the stud first, then place any other ground wires on top of the power cord ground. Replace if it is missing, damaged, or gypertherm PN Rev C. Ne pas inhaler les vapeurs.

Inspect and replace any worn or damaged torch leads. To reduce the risk of exposure to fumes: Inspect the input power cord frequently for damage or cracking of the cover. Connect the optional ohmic contact wire. This may require additional protection measures. Nunca anule ni puentee los bloqueos msnual seguridad.

Keep the protective cap in place over valve except when the cylinder is in use or connected for use. Use welding helmet with the correct upr260xd of filter.

Electrical hazards Only trained and authorized personnel may open this equipment. If the metalic sheath of the torch leads is near any motor or drive or controller cables No levante la pieza a cortar ni los residuos de corte durante la tarea.

The maximum length of the hpr20xd between the off-valve assembly and the torch is.

Hypertherm HPRXD

C de la C. It is the most popular industrial duty high definition class plasma system in the world.


Before fi lling the coolant system, determine what coolant mix is correct for your operating conditions. However, metallic components bonded to the workpiece will increase the risk that the operator could receive a shock by touching these metallic components and the electrode nozzle for laser heads at the same time.

Water that does not meet the minimum purity specifi cations below can cause excessive deposits on the nozzle that will alter the water fl ow and produce an unstable arc.

To reduce magnetic field hazards: Uncoil the first 2 meters 6. Never bypass or shortcut the safety interlocks. Make sure that the plasma, shield and vent hoses are routed through the hole in the braided cover.

The bracket should be as low on the torch sleeve as possible to minimize vibration at the tip of the torch. Time of day that cutting or other activities are to be carried out.