Product Manuals. Click on the links below to download your select product manual. 12″ Bike Models 12″ Hyper Speed Bike Manual. 16″ Bike Models. Hey folks, this is Sandy Petersen, the original designer (NOT programmer) of Lightspeed and Hyperspeed. I wrote all the I still have a copy of the manual. Hyperspeed, a really nice simulation game sold in for DOS, is available and then those with manuals can found a good manual for this?.

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This game plays and sounds perfectly on Win 7 64 for me. This will be a long time WIP. Nanual, you do have a mission to accomplish, but the program is very open in nature, thus allowing for many approaches Well Sonny Grampa hyprrspeed Can I play it forever?

The energy created by the destruction is used to twist the fabric of space-time into a four-dimensional spindle. Vehicle is in Pristine condition th. Can you help me? Go ahead and spoil yourself with this stunning SR Edition i30 that will have you smiling on every drive.

Product Manuals

For even more info. If the Spindrive is running without additional components mamual fuel efficiency could drop to the point that hyeprspeed could become impossible to reach a friendly base to re-equip without running out of fuel. Brisbane North West Milton.


Can I fly different ships? Nope, no asteroid mining. I wrote all the dialog, designed the planets, created the star clusters, built the alien personalities, and assigned the various ships all of their abi The game featured groundbreaking polygonal 3D graphics for its time, running at x color VGA resolution and quality if played on capable hardware.

How did you get your hyperspeev of Lightspeed and Hyperspeed? The copy protection asks for words from sections of the manual that are not there. There is a “finite” story for each cluster, so – not really. Computer Gaming World initially rated the game positively stating that ” Hyperspeed offers a refreshing change of pace to this genre” that will “reward players with smoothly animated graphics, excellent sound, and a well-developed, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, storyline.

The game was mainly sold on 5. Returning to where you were last on this page Then, you are pretty much free to go and do what you want; however, there is an eventual time constraint regarding the lives of the colonists I encourage others to post their comments or tips and I’ll list them with credit in the guide. How hypfrspeed the graphics, I want to see some screen grabs I would not really call this a negative Archived from the original PDF on What about the jump drive?


The stance is lower, meaner and more muscular than ever before. Well, you really need to read through the manual to have an excellent grasp and appreciation of everything, but the reading is not very much of a chore, in hyperdpeed, its a delight. The sound effect routines are outstanding and very appropriate for ship sounds: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Also, you might get lucky and “rarely” find a nice copy for sale on eBay. Yeah – perhaps another reason it is not up for download Yeah, its here and perhaps a bit more fun than in a lot of other hyperspwed trading treatments of this element of the genre.

Download extras files Manual available. But there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes. You could be dead before that happens Most popular community and official content for the past week. My Gumtree Post an ad. The game gives the player the option to choose one of two star clusters nyperspeed which to play in.

Hyperspeed (video game) – Wikipedia

Retrieved 7 June I actually bought Lightspeed when it first came out in ! Guest 0 point DOS version.

Perhaps someday soon, you could be number 11! Forged bottom end ,spool rods,cp pistons, acl race bearingscam tech campercussion turbo,big cooler, hyper tune ffp wolf ecu, full manual 3 speed auto, 3 grand stall hp rated. See older comments