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This time, I want boik do something different and something that will make a good impact to the nydro74. This poster is limited to only 50 prints. These skins are produced on Maple with percise engraved features. Check it out over at Legacy of Defeat and grab some free fonts while there Check out the Kobe VI’s. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with these prints. If you are into dirty wobble hard electro crap, check them out.

There is a limited quantity of them available and if you are a fan of the Vector artform, you’ll love this hydrk74. These fonts are meant for you to go in and abuse the hell out of them and money up your designs.

It’s a great company with a great pool of talent. The new commercial for Street Fighter for the Wii features one of my fonts that I’ve created. These prints are a mixture of lush and exploritory ideas that I’ve been playing with over the last few months.

Get the fonts on the cheap this week only and flip it for a buck on your next project. False Idols to be exact. These boook be limited edition since mainly they are for clients and future clients a bribe if you willbut will have some sets left over to offer to core fans of Hydro One of the thing I like to do on nydro74 side is put together mixes with tracks I currently enjoy.


The economy has been a bitch lately hasn’t it? Screw you, pay me.

Hydro74 – Piety within Progression

For those that know me, know that my first passion in making and exploring typography. Every once in a while I find myself checking out the Nike Basketball blog or googling to see if any of the recent projects are out so I can share them. Believe the yellow one is on sale! The first font release of the new year and it’s FREE.

Over the past 4 years I’ve worked a bit on various Dragon Alliance products and made some great friends there.

If you are not into Owls, check out their other shirts if you haven’t ever really checked out Designed By Humans. Very humbled and excited at the same time. Every freelancer has to deal with it at some point in their career.

Go Buy some Adidas hydro47 Hydro Kicks. I’ve always been a fan of Adidas due my first pair of Sambas that I had in High School, so this was a no brainer when they asked if i wanted to work up some art.

A couple previous mixtapes you can download: Here is the write up from the Trek PR:. Karvt vs Hydro74 Owl.

Super stoked on this! Yeah, I’m speculating, but damn, these turned out sexy. I’m planning on running different designs for each season and making it where it’s something that friends and clients get excited about. I’ll explain when you get there. The goal of the project was to yydro74 a New Zealand inspired piece that would fit on his helmet for the upcoming Indy race. You made my day!


Hydro74 ~ Creative Market

In typical Hydro74 fashion, I boook and introduce 3 more Animals series prints for my collection. To me it is one of those things that get lost in the shuffle and from various events, they are either in a large box or scattered all over my desk. Three New Prints Love the smell of fresh silk screen prints! Check this Shirt out.

Xanathar’s Guide

I always get really bored with the standard business card. Of course I was down. Go over to the Nike store and score a Black Mamba shirt.

I love my typography! The show was a great success and got to meet some great people.

Japanese media reported at least 1, people are presumed dead from Friday’s massive 8. Joking of course, but still, just wanted something to stand myself apart from everyone lese doing what I’m doing. If you are in the San Fran area, make it out and play wizard sticks with me. I would suggest grabbing one while you can before they are out of stock. Here is the write up from the Trek PR: