(Hyphomycetes, Anamorphic fungi) from Cuba. Article (PDF Hongos anamórficos / Cuba / hifomicetes / taxonomía. INTRODUCTION. PDF | Se registran por primera vez para México y se describen 10 especies de Hyphomycetes asociadas a restos vegetales, colectadas en diversas zonas. De líquenes se reportan especies (Breuss, ) y especies de hongos hyphomycetes (Delgado, ). A nivel de Centroamérica este grupo no ha.

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More effort is needed in terms of surveys and taxonomical studies to improve the knowledge of these fungi.

In Peru 30 taxa were described Later, aquatic Hyphomycetes were observed during the decomposition of leaves of Quercus robur L. On the same plant species, but in the reservation of “Horto Florestal Dr. Several decaying palmae petioles hyphomycehes but also leaf litter, fruits and soil samples were collected in the vicinity of some rivers in the equatorial Amazon region of Ecuador and Peru.

On Hyphomycetds pulchra leaves six Hyphomycetes were observed on leaves 31 and 11 were involved in the fungal succession during the decomposition of submerged leaf litter B43 Micoflora de la hojarasca de Nothofagus dombeyi. Hong Kong University Press, p.

Initial colonization, nutrient supply, and fungal activity on leaves decaying in streams. In the present revision representants of all these group were considered.

Hongos hyphomycetes de los municipios centrales del estado de Veracruz

The aim of this revision is to present the state of the art of the studies concerned hyhomycetes aquatic Hyphomycetes in Brazil, in the context of South America, to encourage the conduction of surveys in unexplored areas of the continent. The published papers are still sporadic and dispersed, emphasizing a great need to improve the knowledge of the diversity of South American aquatic Hyphomycetes.


Tropical Mycology, Science Publishers, Inc. Besides, several other studies were performed at several localities in Argentina, involving the sampling of leaf litter or woody debris, from which many not typical aquatic fungi were isolated 3,4,11,12, Darwiniana28 In Venezuela Table 1 11 taxa of aquatic Hyphomycetes were isolated from submerged leaf litter, branches and petioles of Casuarina in streams, pools and waterfalls in the surroundings of Caracas Svensk Botanisk Tidskrif t, 56 2: Springer-Verlag, Berlin,p.

However, among the aquatic Hyphomycetes there are species that produces sigmoid, fusiform, coiled and spherical conidia too, which are also dependent of the aquatic environment to complete their life cycle 22, In Ecuador Table 1 5 species were reported In the same region, the mycota associated with leaves of Ficus microcarpaAlchornea triplinervia and Quercus robur were compared, evaluating the diversity 53the methods for fungal quantification to express the colonization intensity 45 and the correlation between fungal diversity zoosporic fungi and aquatic Hyphomycetes and macro and microelements during the decomposition 54, Also the quality of the taxonomical descriptions and drawings must be improved.

This fungal group has been also named “Ingoldian fungi”in honour to Prof. Recently, a taxonomical revision of some species of Subulispora S.


Fact is that, besides of the polemic discussion about which fungi are truly aquatic and if the terrestrial fungi may keep their saprophytic hability even in submerged conditions, the recognition of the importance of the aquatic Hyphomycetes has been continuously increased since many years. Some Aquatic Hyphomycetes from South America.

The diversity of aquatic Hyphomycetes in South America

Considering the dimension of the Continent, with the high variability of vegetation, habitats and abundance of rivers, streams and waterfalls, the number of aquatic Hyphomycetes in South America, around 90, is still very low. Hughes and Subulispora procurvata Tubaki were observed In the revision for tropical freshwater Hyphomycetes Goh 21 listed 19 taxa to South America without specifying the countries.

Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Kirk was reported Aquatic fungi in leaves submerged in a stream in the Atlantic Rainforest. Beltrania, Camposporium, Chaetendophragmia, Cladosporium, Cryptophiale, Dactylella, Dictyochaeta, Kionochaeta, Phaeoisaria, Subulispora, Tetraploa and other well-known terrestrial genera of Hyphomycetes are usually found on submerged litter as “facultative aquatic fungi” Campylospora chaetocladia Ranzoni, Clathrosphaerina zalewskii v.