This tutorial is developed to guide you to set up hMailServer on VPS, including the configuration of SMTP, TCP/IP ports and Internet. If you’d. A thorough step by step guide on installing hMailServer and setting it up on your home computer. In this step by step tutorial we will learn how to setup hMailServer to send emails from our local computer. hMailServer is a free SMTP (Simp.

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You will need the password later on when performing server administration, so don’t forget it. Save There is very good article on this topic on official web — https: Post-installation tasks Service dependencies hMailServer 4.

Was not able to open connection. Next step is under Settings menu. For example, you can use the IP ranges to configure hMailServer such that only guidee in your local network are allowed to use the server to send email.

Since it’s almost always possible to send email hmailsrver your ISP’s email server, this is a workaround if port 25 is blocked. Outbound rules should be the same as inbound. The next step is to add accounts to your server.

Auto-reply — setup out of office or vacation messages. Password – The password you defined in hMailServer Administrator.

Install And Configure hMailServer | Unixmen

Although very advanced and feature packed it has a small foot print and it is very fast and reliable. Double click the downoladed setup file to run the setup. This is great and simple products, although you have to be carefel while setting it up so that it stays secure. It is recommended to use default folder.


Install And Configure hMailServer

That is all for now under Accounts tab. But if you want use a central hMail Server installation across different clients or IP subnets then you will have to include those IP ranges.

Select which components you want estup install and click Next. Net MVC jquery blueimp file upload example in asp.

The below tutorial seutp that the domain you want to host email for is named mydomain. There is very good article on this topic on official web — https: Create an A record named mail. Create mail accounts in the newly created domain localhost. The normal setup is to have one account per email address you want to be able to send and receive email from.

hMailServer Install and Setup guide | Ivanti User Community

ValidationSummary Example in asp. In the password dialog, enter your main hMailServer password and click OK. If you can connect, port 25 is tuide blocked; if you can’t, port 25 is blocked. For this tutorial I will use localhost.

Download The first step is of to download hMailServer.

hMailServer Step by Step Installation Guide-Free SMTP server for Microsoft Windows

Since there is no good way for software to automatically detect the public host name of the computer where it is running, you need to tell hMailServer what public hostname to use. Add your domain name.


We can also use any programming language like PHP, Asp. Configuring outgoing email If your Internet service provider is blocking outgoing traffic on port 25, hMailServer will not be able to deliver email to other servers since all SMTP servers normally only receives email detup port Select which start menu folder you want to place the hMailServer icons in and click Next.

Select which components you want to install and click Next.

You can check detailed article http: The file you download has a name of the form hMailServer-version-build. Following external Databases are also supported: Because of this, you should manually set service dependency by running one of the scripts in the folder above. This dialog allows you to connect to different hMailServer services. While it’s possible to run hMailServer without telling it its public hostname, some email servers will reject email from you if you don’t specify it.