The following is a collection of 40 Hadith Qudsi. But what is Hadith Qudsi and how do they differ from other Hadith? The following discussion is given in the. hadise kudsi is an bangla islamic app which is collection of sahih hadith qudsi in bangla. This hadise kudsi bangla hadith app is designed to provide authentic. authority, but the authority in Ahadith Qudsi is attributed to. through the Prophet rLJ ~.u.J1 uL.. The distinction between the Qur’ an and Ahadith Qudsi.

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All high quality mobile apps are available for free download. This is one of my favorite apps. This hot app was released on It get a lot of recognition after release. Hadith Qudsi or Sacred Hadith are so named because, unlike the majority of Hadith which are Prophetic Hadith, their authority Sanad is traced back not to the Prophet but to the Almighty. Hadith Qudsi differs from other hadeth in the sense that Hadith Qudsi are the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him as revealed to him by the Almighty Allah.

Hadith Qudsi Sacred Hadith are named so because, unlike the other Ahadith which are sayings of Prophet, These hadith are considered direct messages from Allah, revealed to Prophet.


The Hadith Qudsi, or sacred hadith, have a particularly important status because their meaning is entirely from Allah while the wording is that of the Prophet Muhammad himself.

40 hadith in Bangla (from Islamhouse) || Australian Islamic Library

This hadise kudsi bangla hadith app is designed to provide authentic hadith from sohi bukhari sharif, sahih muslim, nasai, tirmidhi, abu daud, ibn majah, ahmad like islamic books. The Arabic word Hadith hadise kudsi bangla means “speech. Sometimes the hadith may be a quotation of Prophet Muhammad.

haadith Or the hadith might be a story about something that happened during his lifetime. The hadiths are used as legislative statements and are second only to the Quran in importance in Islam. Hadith Qudsi is a term used which signifies that the meaning of the hadith is from Allah Subhanah, and the words are related from the Messenger of Allah sawsunlike the Quran where the meaning and the words are both from Allah Subhanah.

Kudsa means – the sacred the guilt of error. God tayalara gunabacaka name names.

Since these traditions, so they are directly associated with God ‘kudsi tradition “has been named. One of the four is the root source of Islamic law, “al-hadith, after which the position of the Holy Quran.

Hadith – the beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa peace be upon him – the mukhanihsrta own words and actions, and the Prophet peace be upon him by the Companions ra genus approved the statements and actions.


Forty Hadith Qudsi

There are some traditions in the Hadith of Allah’s Messenger peace be upon him described his own According to the saying, but it has been stated in the name of Allah tayalara. For example – “God says tayala ‘or’ tayala Allah says: Hadith scholar of the Scriptures – these are the traditionalists’ tradition deduce called. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon himwhen it was disclosed ahadeeth, it would be directly from God. For example – tayala God says or said or would say sometimes, “said jibarailake tayala Allah, or ‘jibaraila peace be upon him said to me.

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Of the total, meaning the hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him from Hadithh ‘inspired’ or jibaraila peace be upon him informed through his own words, so “kudsi tradition as well-known. This top Business app is just 3. When running in the background, basically it does not take up memory.

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