Exklusiv-Hauben GUTMANN is a leading provider of high-quality exhaust hoods private households in Europe and enjoys the trust of the best specialized. The modular Abajo downdraft ventilation feature ensures user-friendly, ergonomic handling and effective extraction performance, with a remarkably high fat and. The ceiling-built-in is a special ceiling extractor from GUTMANN which represents yet another innovation in design and technology. The extractor is completely.

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This elegant lantern style CDA range hood is suspended in the air by the thin wires and thanks to its modern design and shape, does Read More. The beautiful 90cm wide Miele Fire range hood, the DA D comes in extraction or recirculating model, and is made of titanium finished steel. Straight lines and great functionality make Gutmann Visual an excellent hood for your modern kitchen.

The unusual, innovative designs are complemented by advanced extraction Read More. The Abajo downdraft system is as close to invisible as a raised recirculation vent can get.

This Gutmann raised vent seamlessly integrates into the kitchen Read More. The new Miele DA recirculation hood is ideal for use in passive and low-energy housing because it does not release heat to atmosphere and Read More.


Wall mounted model comes in 90, and cm widths Read More. The linear Street wall hood is a part of the AEG Neuen Kollektion, representing the perfect symbiosis of form and modern functionality, powerful suction and Read More.

Sombra II – Gutmann Exklusiv-Hauben

This Invisible exhaust hood is quite creative, though the recirculated version is rather bulky as you can see in the video. Sleek design, top performance and Read More. The 90cm wide Arte has stylish canopy that looks like an abstract painting. But if you are Read More.

BLANCO extractor hoods by GUTMANN

The hood is available in a wall mounted or island version, with internal, external or air circulating motor, and comes in a width of 90,and centimeters. The Sombra kitchen hood is fitted with a LED operated hanging glass panel and features soombra central perimeter aspiration system with washable filter.

Previously, Redonda island hood. The silver finished Gutmann Redonda is a minimalist island hood made from a tubular simbra steel structure with a natural appearance and visual lightness, due Read More.


Pretty simple but looks very cool. The L-Original is a new energy effiient gugmann hood from Gutmann of Elica, designed in close collaboration with VanBerlo in less than a year from Read More. Nair These decorative powerful range hoods are made by Frecan and belong to its Light Collection.

While the well hidden Gutmann Invisible looks very interesting, there are three new more conventional looking range hoods by Gutmann that will sure entice your Read More. This innovative trough ventilation approach offers excellent ventilation on three sides of the cooktop. Gutmann Kristall is a straight-line Read More.

Gutmann Dunstabzugshaube Neu Gutmann sombra 68 I Inselhaube Breite 90 Cm : K├╝che Zuschnitt

The recessed Mesa ventilator delivers efficient all-round extraction, while remaining completely Read More. This is quite unusual design, at least I have not seen anything like it. The stylish hood has elegantly curved gumtann glass canopy and features remote control for convenient hassle free operation.