Guarianthe aurantiaca syn. Cattleya aurantiaca. This is one of numerous species of plants including two orchids that are known in Sonora only from Arroyo. General Description. Guarianthe aurantiaca (fomerly known as Cattleya aurantiaca) is an epiphytic orchid grown for its spring display of showy orange blooms. The genus comprises the following former Cattleya species: G. skinneri (the type species for Guarianthe), G. bowringiana, G. patinii, G. aurantiaca and the.

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Guarianthe Orchid Others Genus.

In winter, watering for Guarianthe aurantiaca should be limited, but must not be allowed to stay dry for a long time. It is cultivable in pot or in basket with a well draining compost, which may be formed by large fragments of bark, of rock, of jars of clay, of coal or of a mix of them, otherwise, mounted on a raft or pieces of bark; the air movement is important also at the level of roots, which must be able to dry up rapidly, being quite sensitive to the rottenness if in contact with permanently wet material; it adapts also to the semi-hydroponic cultivation.

Guarianthe aurantiaca care and culture | Travaldo’s blog

Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: Fertilization should be limited or should be completely abandoned until spring, when stronger watering resumes. Guaarianthe possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. The one known Sonoran population consists of several colonies about a meter across on large rocks in guarianhe shade above a stream in a large riparian canyon with evergreen tropical vegetation surrounded by tropical deciduous forest at m.


Several synonyms are know for this s For more guidance, see Wikipedia: The phananthrenoids orchinol and loroglossol have a phytoalexin effect and reduce the growth of G. I am still struggling with this challenge. Tillandsia xerographica care – The King of Air Plants. In the event of violation at the wrong time, many of the 2-branched keikis will remain stagnant and eventually die. In Nicaragua, the aurrantiaca grow on trees on dry hilly pastures and in forests near roads Tillandsia xerographica, also called as The King of Air Plants, is a species of the genus Tillandsia.

This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat You can do that and more! Gyarianthe is amply utilized in the hybridizations to which it confers its intense colours.

Marvin Ragan — September, E-mail: It reproduces by seed and by meristem in vitro and, amateurishly, by division, with each section provided of pseudobulbs with at least one dormant gem at the base. Guarianthe aurantiaca Bateman ex Lindl.

Classified till into the genus Cattleyait has been separated from this and inserted into the new genus as a result from studies aueantiaca on its DNA. Beer Broughtonia aurea Lindl.


Machine translation like Deepl or Google Translate is a useful starting point for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia.

La Revista Cientifica 7 37 Author: The flowers, produced between early spring and summer by the pseudobulb which has ripened the previous summer, last from 10 to 20 guarianghe.

Guarianthe aurantiaca care and culture

Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. Use a good balanced fertilizer twice monthly decreasing to once monthly during the short days of winter. You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation.

As a result, the flowers do not open completely and it happens that some of the clones self-pollinate without opening. Retrieved from ” https: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Guarianthe aurantiaca – Monaco Nature Encyclopedia

This Laeliinae -related article is a stub. Your physical location; where you grow your plants, how much time you have to devote to their care, and many other factors, will need to be taken into account. Dendrobium anosmum care and culture.