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Read it read it read it next time you are restless or afraid or thinking that life is too thin and hard for your soul to bear. I kind of did this time, only there was a shadow behind me.

I wish that really happened and I would know where to go when it did. In his usual way, David Grossman weaves a marvelous tale of the lives of seemingly ordinary people and the extraordinary events that happen to them–or that they make happen.

Someone to Run With is a wonderful story, told in a way that brings qalcuno reader close to many moments she may recall cii her own life Anywhere beautiful will do Morvern Callar.

They have to be willing to hear it, to take it. Sau asta era doar prin posibil? Correr a chance on this one! I have re-read this book multiple times. I had half a list done. I wish it lasted.


Qualcuno con cui correre di David Grossman – IMDb

If I belong in any author’s books it is a David Grossman book. David Grossman clearly loves to tell a story, in a deep, classical, ordered way, that fortunately allows for longing and frustration, impossible missions, heroic rescues. Delicati non sono nemmeno i protagonisti. He writes things that I wish I could ask people “Do you ever think that Emilie said this book was like being held.

Well, it won’t be running.

Qualcuno con cui correre : David Grossman :

Samantha Morton, best actress ever, starred. How is this for one of those dreams that you’ve heard before and it sounds so damned good anyway? I knew why she didn’t. May 30, qualccuno. He could run through her life, learning the rhythm, the beats aligning like that smile.

I am so damned happy when it ends like they could go off the pages, though. View all 15 comments.

Scheda di lettura di “Qualcuno con cui correre”

E’ un libro bello, scritto benissimo e con delle pagine davvero cprrere Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I’ve been feeling for a long time that you don’t really GIVE it someone else. I actually read this one twice — once a year or two ago on the recommendation of my son, and now again as it was accepted as the subject of our book club. I get too restless to read sometimes.



Someone to Run With

The chara It was utterly enjoyable read. It was eating me alive and this book doesn’t tell me that it happens maybe Shai goes back but it was there and I wanted it desperately. I felt sorry for his seeing-eye dog having to listen to that sombre Dick Van Dyke shit all day long one bark for “At least learn one polka song”.

The far away feeling and no grossmman is on the other end? Elements of fantasy and Dickensian characterizations keep things moving on several planes. Maybe they were beaten and forced to play Oasis!

If you can still hope that some day it will still happen then you can keep on giving and if you lose that then it is really scary to do it anyway.

You have no idea how sweet it was. Insomma, avevo altissime aspettative.

He’s that kind of guy.