Guy Warren Ballard (July 28, – December 29, ) was an American mining engineer were already prepared for Guy Ballard and Edna Ballard as noted in “Unveiled Mysteries” by Godfre Ray King (the pen name of Guy Ballard.) . Unveiled Mysteries by Godfré Ray King. (pseudonym of Guy Warren Ballard). [ ]. This is the first book written by Guy Ballard, founder of the “I AM” Activity. Unveiled Mysteries has ratings and 18 reviews. Gloria said: Here is an astounding memoir of King’s many visits with St. Germaine. The Ascended Master.

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This is a practice I specifically caution my students and clients against. Newton, KansasUnited States.

Denise rated ming really liked it Apr 27, I will be interested in seeing what HE has to say about them. The power to feel, experience, and associate with the perfected picture is God’s power. The spirit turned out to be the Count of Saint Germain, an ascended master, and Saint Germain began to lay some heavy philosophy on him. Newson rated it it was goodfre Jul myateries, It is asserted by these religions that the Master Godfre’s previous incarnations were: There are some valuable wisdom teachings here, though the writing style and continued repetition of the same ideas and phrases made the reading tedious.

I recalled, a vague memory, a need and use well before my time, of a character called Flash Gordon, quite popular.


Unveiled Mysteries

The book is written in a breathless style with a more than liberal amount of em-dashes, Inappropriate Capitalization, and melodramatic plot-points which resemble golden-age pulp sci-fi. The passion of the author is clear, although he writes in a florid, formal mysteriex which might have seemed old-fashioned or stilted even in when the book was written.

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They were so spiritually pure that some of them could fly. Within us an understanding of Scripture and perhaps our own experiences arise, and we see a connection. This would make more sense — cutting off the three lower chakras if the body is being transcended at the time of soul transition which occurs at physical death.

Unveiled Mysteries (Saint Germain Series, #1) by Godfré Ray King

Venus has to figure prominently at some point. Alejandra rated it it was amazing Jun mysterirs, Also, in the back of the giant chamber was something that very much matches the description of the Eye of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings.

The card instructs him to go back up on the mountain, so he does. I particularly enjoyed the teachings about manifestation and co-creation which must have seemed quite radical at the time.

I really hope it has dinosaurs. A new Dispensation was given so that the Ascension could be gained in the finer body without taking the physical body, as Jesus had done. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

This is the first book written by Guy Ballard, founder of the “I AM” Activity, onetime mining engineer, student of Theosophyand alleged stock swindler. Saint Germain talked about life and death and rebirth, and reincarnation, and a sort of karmic system of consequences. He also shares gems of spiritual wisdom.


Book Review: Unveiled Mysteries by Godfré Ray King. Part 1 of 3 | Doubting Mark

Both Edna and Guy studied Theosophy and the occult extensively. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The magic clothes possessed the power to electrically control and move things.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Saint Germain then magically conjures a sleeping bag, and beams up to heaven.

Jake rated it it was amazing Apr 30, The information contained within is most precious to me. Sep 23, Persephone Abbott added it. The leaders of the city, who included a past-life Saint Germain, and also past-life-King and the past-life of his wife, decided to let them eat cake.

Perhaps what is being discussed is a process of Ascension rather than a path to Enlightenment. The past-life-son, who was the high priest and the past-life-father of King used a magic beam cast from his hand to kill the priest.

Here is an astounding memoir of King’s many visits with St.