GeoNetwork Harvester · Harvesting CSW services · Harvesting OGC Services · Local File System Harvesting · WEBDAV Harvesting · OAIPMH Harvesting. GeoNetwork User Manual, Release • Attribution. You must attribute GeoNetwork opensource documentation to GeoNetwork open-. GeoNetwork Manual. Copy of the GeoNetwork manual that ellaborates on the GeoNetwork Opensource. Posted 01 Jan by iwlearn. Type File. Download.

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Both the Default and the Advanced Views are composed of mandatoryconditional and optional metadata fields. Drop down lists allow you to select only one option from the list. At the same time those templates are extensible with new elements to fit specialized needs through the advanced view. Editor need to select keyword from a thesaurus with spatial information.

A more advanced procedure to upload a new metadata record in the GeoNetwork system is using an XML document. You can create several mahual files when appropriate and upload them sequentially.

The content is entirely contained withing the two, i. Enter keywords that describe your map.

This will take you to a new page. Enter a user constraint here to assure the protection of privacy and intellectual property. Translation could be suggested to the editor using the small icon right to the language selector.

Url of WMS service Name of the resource: Detailed information on completeness, logical consistency and positional, thematic and temporal accuracy can be directly added into the advanced form. Viewing and Analysing the Data Next: Below this, there is the Type choice, which allows you select the type of record that you are going to create Metadata, Template and Subtemplate.

The meaning of mandatory and optional is fairly intuitive; the mandatory fields are required, like Title and Abstract for instance, whereas the optional fields can be provided but are not fundamental, depending on the metadata author. As we mentioned in the introduction to this guide, GNos provides tools to describe any type of geographic data verctor layers, raster, tables, map services, etc.


The system will automatically fill this field manal Select the correct protocol to be used. The name is added to the extent description field. Enter the denominator kanual an equivalent scale of a hard copy of the map. If any changes are scheduled you can leave As Needed selected from the drop-down list. Enter other constraint here to assure the protection of privacy and intellectual property.

From the metadata creation page, select the metadata standard to use from the dropdown list Figure 4. After selecting the correct template, you should identify which group of users the metadata will belong to and finally click on Create. Once the parent selected, it will appear in the metadata relation list on the top right corner of the editor.

A WMS online resource can be referenced heonetwork metadata like: Whether you have multiple or single results from your search, on top of the individual record or next to the record, you will always see a row of buttons including a Categories button.

Documentation — GeoNetwork opensource

You can also delete existing fields by clicking on the [x] symbol next to the element. Enter all mandatory information and others you have at hand for the contact of the person s associated with this resources of the map.

The standard definition for each manal can be read by passing the mouse on the element name. The Default View is the preferred view as it provides a selection of the available metadata elements, facilitating both the user and the editor in reading and editing a metadata record, and at the same time it ensures that a geospatial data can be properly described, through:.

The view in bold is the view you are currently using.

Geo-DRM instruction manual – GeoNetwork

These are the groups authorized to add metadata to by your administrator. Should your data be bigger than 50MB, consider a different mechanism to serve this data, e. The system will identify you and beonetwork the correct privileges to work with. Last updated on May 24, Enter any other descriptive information about your map that can help the user to better understand its content.


The statement element is mandatory if the hierarchical level element is equal to dataset or series. The conditional fields may be considered mandatory under certain geonetworrk Editors could create multilingual metadata using ISO By default Metadata is set up.

By clicking the Insert button the metadata is imported into the system; please note that all links to external files, for instance to thumbnails or data for download, have to be removed from the metadata input, to avoid any conflict within the data repository.

Feature catalogues are records stored in ISO standard. From the editing menu, click on the Thumbnails button on the top or bottom of the page.

Use of XLink attributes are not supported to create relation between datasets and services. Only metadata records visible to current user are displayed ie. Both buttons should appear; Provide a short description of the data; Click the Browse button and navigate to the folder where the file to be released is stored.

When done, you may click Save or Save and Close to close the editing session. The assigned categories will determine the categories the map will display under on the home page. Enter information about the distributor and about options for geonetork your map.

Then follow these simple steps: Otherwise you can just leave none selected. However, if should be there a need to add more metadata elements, you can switch to the advanced view at any time while editing.