Guide of Genex Probe for. LTE Drive Test 2 Huawei confidential, 2. Contents Overview of Genex Probe & Assistant Genex Probe. INTRODUCTION TO GENEX PROBE DRIVE TEST OPERATIONBY IMRAN HASHMI Huawei TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. Huawei Confidential 1 GENEX. Huawei GENEX Probe & Assistant practice guide Internal use only Huawei GENEX Drive Test tools Practice Guide Abbreviation: User Manual: In Probe.

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Sets the value for user correction, which is used for the gensx of cable loss. The Probe supports the following four alarm items: Indicates whether or not to measure the time offset. To pause or continue playing To stop a play To change the play direction Note: The CW test is describes from the following perspectives: Transport Channel The Transport Channel window displays the parameters on the transport channel in the uplink and downlink, as shown in Figure The other configuration items are invalid in the test plan.

The slider enables you to locate at any position of the log file.

The icons on the toolbar are used for deleting and sorting operations. Means a complementary description.

Introduction to GENEX Probe

You can apply for the licenses based on the ddive that you are to use. Table Conditions in the specified base station measurement Name Description Measurement Indicates the measurement period.

Alternatively, double-click a device. After the interval time, the Probe initiates the next FTP download. Indicates the RAKE threshold.


The Display Settings dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure A definir Write Local File: For the PS service, the Modem port must be configured, as well as the Diag port. Measure Rake z True: Figure Log Item Setting area Note: Data Configuration Figure shows the data items in the spectrum analysis.

Shortcut Menu of Test Item The eqipment page is used to trace each test item or stop an item when required. Skip to main content.

Introduction to GENEX Probe – ppt download

Gnex Configuration Figure shows the data items in the pilot scan test. Please feel free to contact our local office or company headquarters. The system gives a prompt, saying “Lock Error: With the simple and easy-to-follow test plan, you can conduct a series of drive tests. Indicates the number of files to be downloaded.

The Probe measures the signal strength and Measuring signal strength quality, and combines the measurement data with and quality the geographic data. In addition, the Probe supports the coversion among different modes. Enable the transmission delay measurement. Notice The information in this document is subject to change without notice.

To conduct the multi-UE multi-technology comparative test, perform the following steps: In this way, the system recovers the settings of all the tabs and parameter windows after the system reboot.

Huawei Genex Probe for 4G,3G,2G Drive Test – Telco Consultant

Figure Log Time Setting dialog box Table lists the setting of the log time. The call lasts teet waits for the predetermined calling duration and call interval, and repeats for the times defined in call count.


About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Window Menu The Window menu enables window arranging and genexx opening, as shown in Figure If the problem still exists, reboot the PC. This chapter describes the following: The default value is 60 seconds.

Indicates whether or not to be diversified. The test plan can be saved either in the engineering file, or individually. From the toolbar Click the start test icon on the toolbar. Test Menu The Test menu provides controls on the drive test process, as shown in Figure The Probe considers this loading as failure fenex initiates another PDP context deactivation in the next loading.

To end a test Note: DL Max Rate kbps Indicates the maximum downlink rate. Measure Delay z True: Unspecified The Unspecified is to set the common properties of the unspecified base station measurement.

The configuration result influences the display and the export of DTI Scanner data. In this way, you can choose several drive test files recently used as your data source. Reason When data exceptions occur, you need to check the parameters in the window.