Generative Fertigungsverfahren [Andreas Gebhardt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Generative Fertigungsverfahren on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When conventional production technologies reach their limits, it is time for additive manufacturing to strike. Additive manufacturing promises.

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Director – Global Solutions Centres at Renishaw, accelerating adoption of additive manufacturing metal 3D printing. But the recent arrival of effective metal 3D printing technology provides the opportunity to do more than just make models, but to make real, additively-manufactured production parts.

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Additive manufacturing AM will be a disruptive force in many markets. Production benefits accrue during the manufacturing process itself and include reduced material consumption, shorter lead times, minimal tooling costs, lower assembly costs and the impact of automation.

Lifetime benefits accrue during the use of the product, and come from sources such as reduced weight, higher performance and reliability, as well as better adaptation and a more attractive product. A good way to think of this is as a series of levels of AM deployment, illustrated in the ‘staircase’ image above.


As you fertigungsvefahren up through the levels the benefit rises, although so does the associated effort as we increasingly apply Design for AM DfAM principles. The fertigungsvercahren at this level is low as there is no intention to use AM to make production parts, but the benefits are constrained by the limited number of parts involved. Moving up a level, many firms’ first foray into AM part production is in direct part replacement. gwnerative

Additive Manufacturing for Car Body Engineering

These are re-productions of existing part designs, which seek to replace complex and wasteful manufacturing processes with a simpler AM process route. The benefits here combine lower cost production with a more responsive service to geerative.

The next level is where we start taking advantage of the design freedom that AM provides. Part consolidation can be used to transform assemblies into a single sophisticated component.

How can you get the most from additive manufacturing?

Reaching this level requires design authority and the ability to requalify a new part and process for production. Finally, the top level is where all the capabilities of AM are deployed to produce Fertigungsvegfahren optimised parts.


This can be in the form of enhanced performance, greater efficiency or perfect adaptation to the circumstances of its use. There’s certainly risk here, but this fertiguungsverfahren where real market disruptions will occur. Renishaw can help you to explore innovative new product designs at our new Solutions Centres, opening early next year.

Want to learn more watch the video below. Wir bieten sowohl Standard- als auch kundenspezifische Schulungskurse. Home – 3D-Metalldruck – Neuigkeiten – How can you get the most from additive manufacturing?

Marc Saunders No description available [ x ] [13kB]. Next steps Additive manufacturing For further information about the technology, visit our additive manufacturing pages.