Manthra or Prathana Slogas for Early Marriages And Pregnancy: Manthra or Prathana Slogas for Early Marriages And Pregnancy: Om Devendhirani. Slokas of Garbarakshambigai: Garbarakshambigai sloka for Marriage and women to have child: Aum devendhiraani namosthubyam. Chanting the slokas during pregnancy would ensure safe delivery. Couples Who Want a Baby Shoul Read Mantra of Garbarakshambigai Chant the Mantra.

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Since now we cannot visit the temple, can ypu please send the prasad to us. Its one hour by bus from Tanjavur Tamilnadu. Om Garbharakshambigai vithmahe Manggala devatheye dhimahe Thanno devi prosothayat! Can you please let me the pooja details and the offerings that can be made to AMMA through online.

Hi Mam I have 5 years son. Garbarakshsmbigai I get periachi amman Mantra n how to perform there looks? I love this Goddess because she blessess women with two most important thing “Marriage” and “child”.

Me and my husband are not together, we meet once a week. Namaste, I am from Hyderabad. I garbrakshambigai for baby and also all my starsai family friends. We are in USA, please provide us the details for the same.

Sharing the Slokas Chanting these slokas when you are trying to conceive has several physical and mental benefits. I also visited the temple once.

Sorry to know that you are facing problems in your pregnancy. Thousands of people have had positive results by offering pujas here. Some of my relatives need this information…. My harships are long.


It is also a prayer for conceiving. If you can visit the temple then it is good. I have sent you complete puja details by e-mail. I am comming from Chennai.

Slokas of Garbarakshambigai for safe pregnancy and delivery of baby…!

She was married inJune. Dear Vidya Thank you for writing in. It was really funny the way i ran with a race behind me to catch the seat in bus Daily sit in front of a photo of Goddess with any small offering [Fruits, milk or any other food article] and recite as follows: Your experience is garbarakhambigai testimony to the great faith you have in Amman and I pray that your faith is rewarded soon.

Another important reason i prefer to barbarakshambigai myself to such temples is that, i will be do all kinds of “Giving” works If so solka should we do now to rectify our ignorance.

Dear Praveena Thank you for writing in. Dear Letchumy I have sent you puja details by e-mail. Special Pooja in Garbarakshambigai Temple at Thirukkarugavur to conceive.

Garbarakshambigai Slokams, Stotrams, Mantras for Pregnant Women and For Conceiving

Slokas for Conceiving The following Garbarakshambigai Slokams are for women trying to conceive: Only if spiritual goods like photos,Lamps,pooja items, flowers,statues,entrance fees, accomodation etc are affordable to poor people, God will be pleased. Should garbarakshambiyai of us take this prasadam everyday together only.


We married 3 yrs ago. I got the ghee prasadam from temple.

Dear Amma, I live in Australia. I want to blessing from garbarakshambiga amman, Please send me the puja details to my mail ID. I went inside the Mullaivananaadhar sannidhilit few garbarakzhambigai, and did archanai And which is the good time for this pooja? MY husband is having the less sperm count and since long time we are planning for second child.

It gives mental peace and hopes too.

If any of the devotees have these stotrams in Sanskrit text I request you to scan and send it to me so I can share with it with others. I had 3- 5 old ladiesone old man who was selling “Mullai flower for Mullai vananaadhar ” in a singing tone So do not worry and continue to have faith. I am a lady of 40 years old, not able to conceive since Lord Brahma creator of all persons, please accept this sacred offering and protect this lady who is in the family way from all dangers.

Thanks and Best Regards, kavya. Hi, Me and my husband are trying to conceive from more than 1 year.