FILE-AID TUTORIAL REFERENCE STUDY MATERIAL HELP. DB2 DB2 3 UTILITIES F FILEAID 4 FOREGROUND FI FILEAID/IMS 5 BATCH I IMS FACILITY 6. Generate the JCL required to submit a File-AID/Batch job or any other non File- AID batch utility with File-AID’s Batch Submit utility (option ). Can anyone tell me the use of REFORMAT command??? does this reformat the input file based on the given copybook?? Below is the.

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Solution for empty file check in FILEAID – IBM Developer Answers

Thu Sep 22, 2: Parameters are described below, grouped according to type. Selectively print data records using record layouts, enabling you to tailor the format of the output to meet your specific data requirements.

Thu Mar 30, 9: Control cards determine the process to be performed on the input file. Specifies the address mode fikeaid select. Specifies how to process invalid data fields.

Replaces all occurrences of data within the area specified by start location and length. The condensed report style has reduced heading lines and enables you to specify additional options for condensed report jvl valid for only Character or Hexadecimal print format.


Records can be copied as is or modified. COPY Copies data selectively or nonselectively. DBCS and single byte Katakana data is accepted as data element values.

Initializes output areas when used with the MOVE parameter. Prints n records of alphanumeric data without displaying record filfaid or record length. Update statistics, if they exist, or add statistics if they do not exist. Action requests consist of the following: X’00’ is the default. Specify 0 to 99; 0 specifies unlimited errors. Maximum entry is I have listed few commands Audit Trail Print Format Control: Location 5 references the first byte of data in the record.

Do not update PDS statistics. File-AID is a cross platform file and data management solution. You need to update the JCL for 15, jobs because you upgraded from to disk drives. Most parameters can be used with any function, but some are ignored during certain functions.

The following table shows parameter availability by function. The ZERO parameter specifies whether numeric fields will be printed with leading zeros or not. IF selects specific records to be processed.


How Do I Use Evaluate? Files are updated in place. It maintains only standard directory entries. Fri Sep 02, 2: Specifies a default output file during a USER function. Selectively edit, copy, reformat, flleaid, compare, and print i contained in any standard MVS file type.

Chapter 15. Using File-AID/Batch

To include special characters, such as commas and quotes, as data, use double quotes. Use a hyphen – to specify the characters to retain from the original member name. Editing a dataset File-Aid: Value of Y, A, or N.

The dataset identifier begins in location 1 of the control statement as follows: Separate multiple volume serial numbers with a comma. What is the difference between transaction a This is the full compare report.