Fashionable nonsense: postmodem Intellectuals’ abuse or science. I Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont. p. em. Includes bibliographical references and Index. Fashionable Nonsense by Alan Sokal Explaining Postmodernism by Stephen R.C. Hicks Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer The Dictionary . A review and a link to other reviews of Fashionable Nonsense by Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont.

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Print Hardcover and Paperback. Well, the yootoober was right. As Sokal and Bricmont point out, even if the science the so-called thinkers cite were accurate most of the time it still has absolutely nothing to do with what they are actually trying pretending?

And as feminist thinkers have repeatedly pointed out, in the present culture this contamination is overwhelmingly capitalist, patriarchal, and militaristic: This book is a few things: Needless to say, it was quite embarrassing for the journal and its readers when they found out it was a parody. Both scientists by trade, specialists in mathematics and physics, they are in fact coming back on their now famous hoax the so-called ‘Sokal Affair’ to better expose how fallacious such philosophies are.

One type is misunderstanding of math or theoretical physics in itself nonense say, when an author misquotes a mathematical definition.

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I mean it felt like I was drowning in it—give me some air please. The quotations they choose are, to someone with a mathematical fashionabls, self-undermining: Conservatives are notorious for being anti-science, but the Left has its own antagonisms. Most of the things that the pomo camp is trying to say, if you have the patience to go through their pretentious and convoluted writing, are quite ordinary and can be said much more simply.

The book has a lot of such examples from various prominent pomo thinkers. But Derrida makes me wonder. soial

In it Sokal wrote, “I confess that I am an unabashed Old Leftist who never quite understood how deconstruction was supposed to help the working class. A must read for all who are interested in social science. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Humorous and tragic, illuminating and infuriating. By sheer chance, I recently ran into this comment by Jonathan Swift which seems to have some bearing on the situation: The unreasonable doubt subsists.


Maybe that atom nucleus did explode.

Passages are cited and ridiculed, and Sokal and Bricmont then also make some larger and more general points. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Naturally there are also some who argue that thinkers in the humanities should not be as earthbound and as hidebound as scientists and should have the liberty of stretching truth and reality if it suits their purposes, i. He was advised by Arthur Wightman.

When concepts are abused like this, there tends to be a backlash when this comes to light, as it always does. The errors are substantial ones, to the point of being fatal: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science French: Sokal and Bricmont do a wonderful job at revealing the abuse of science present in postmodernist texts.

Of course, this is not an attack on Humanities as a whole, French academias, nor against the political Left Sokal, deliciously, even actually define himself as ‘an old Leftist who never quite understood how deconstruction was supposed to help the working class’!

Since endless question-begging thought cycles are the genesis of any given philosophy, there is understandable difficulty in posing additional ones that might trump the foundation of that given philosopher’s logic or reasoning.

Yet, the authors open the door for a legitimization of the so-called abused-language heretofore mentioned. The Bed of Procrustes: Customers who viewed this item also viewed. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Hopefully I’ll find a copy of this book to go through, myself. As I’ve only taken a few semesters of the ‘hard sciences’ at the university level, I have fashionablee little to add to this discussion on the use of science in philosophy.

Fashionable Nonsense – Wikipedia

Why is it that whenever a theory of social science is found to be flawed, and loses the respect of the scientific community, it manages to find new success as a branch of literary criticism? When Sokal and Bricmont expose Jacques Lacan’s ignorant misuse of topology, or Julia Kristeva’s of set theory, or Luce Irigaray’s of fluid mechanics, or Nnonsense Baudrillard’s of non-Euclidean geometry, they are on safe ground; it is all too clear that these virtuosi are babbling.


He compiled a bunch of scientific-sounding fashionsble to prove why it make evolutionary sense for men to prefer blond women over brunettes. The story of the origin of this book is a playful one: They exhibit what the authors call “superficial erudition”, an obscure and technical verbiage laden form of writing that turns out to be either incoherent or trivial when unpacked.

Not Enabled Screen Reader: However, with regard to the second sense, which Plotnisky describes by stating that “all imaginary and complex numbers are, by definition, irrational,” [24] mathematicians agree with Sokal and Bricmont in not taking complex numbers as irrational.

Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science

Neither complete or consistent due to the implications of Godel’s t I would have given it five-stars if not for all the semantically incoherent non-sequiturs quoted ad nauseum. Point fingers and laugh: He points out that this isn’t so much a danger to science as it is to the very social and political agendas it’s twisted to serve.

Stemming from the like of Lacan, Deleuze, Kristeva, Baudrillard, Irigaray, Latour, Virilio and co to name just the ones targeted here there is indeed a vague intellectual Zeitgeist corrupting a whole part of modern societies, one based on subjectivism, relativism and, all in all, a reject sokql the rationalism of the Enlightenment that needed to be addressed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Much like Edward O. The quotations are often very long, and are typically longer than the commentary; this may have the highest quotation-to-main-text ratio of any book I’ve ever read. Along with this, accusations of right-wing politics and conservatism were made.

London Review of Books. He was trying to make a very serious point: