Teff: Teff, (Eragrostis tef), annual cereal grass (family Poaceae), grown for its tiny nutritious seeds. Teff is native to Ethiopia and Eritrea, where it is a staple food. Eragrostis tef is a ANNUAL growing to 1 m (3ft 3in). It is hardy to zone (UK) 9. It is in flower from August to September, and the seeds ripen from September to. Comprehensive Description. The millet known as tef (Eragrostis tef) is a minor cereal crop on a global scale, but a major food grain in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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QR Code What’s this? Year ISBN Description The second edition of an excellent guide to the edible uses of plants, though it does not give any details of cultivation etc. The small genome size of tef made it a good candidate for genetic mapping and later genome sequencing.

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However, teff and some other cereals such as finger millet 0. Various research findings also showed that teff flour can be mixed with barley or sorghum flour to make injera.

Teff has its own unique qualities and advantages, and thus its introduction to other parts of the world could benefit many nations. According to Bultosa et al.

It is also revealed that the bitterness of the brew is directly related to the amount of Gesho added. Link Eragrostis abyssinica Jacq.

The Ethiopian cereal tef in celiac disease. Plants can mature in 4 months from seed in warm climates[], the crop is more problematic in Britain due to the cooler fragrostis. It also plays numerous functions in the body. Knowledge of the physical properties of tef seed can be useful for agronomy, storage, marketing, and other socio-cultural purposes. The distribution of these protein fractions varies among different cereals and there is considerable variation in the solubility classes among the cereals.

Both tef grain and tef straw are described in separate datasheets. A large base of genetic diversity is indispensable for successful breeding programs.


Tef (Eragrostis tef) hay | Feedipedia

Although germ in teff is known to occupy large proportion as in other eragostis grains, its crude fat is known to be not as such high. Renzetti S, Arendt EK.

Over the past three decades, several studies Assefa et al. Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Datasheet Description Click on the “Nutritional aspects” tab for recommendations for ruminants, pigs, poultry, rabbits, eragrostiw, fish and crustaceans. Received Dec 29; Accepted Mar 5. Tef hay quality is reported to be so high that South African farmers prefer it over all other hays for feeding their dairy cattle, sheep, and horses NRC, Palatability Tef hay cut at an early stage of maturity was reported to be as palatable similar voluntary intake as timothy in mares, provided the animals could get used to it or had no choice McCown et al.

However, use of teff grain with falling number higher than seconds at the moment of grinding solves these problems Roosjen The standard reference flora for Europe, it is very terse though and with very little extra information.

Presence of too little enzyme activities in the mash may lead to several undesirable consequences such as low extract, longer time to separate the wort, slow fermentation eragrodtis, too little alcohol eragrodtis the final product, microbiological instability, reduced filtration rate of the beer, and inferior flavour and stability of the beer.

A multiple sequence alignment of approximately base pairs was variable at 32 sites of which 25 were informative for determining evolutionary relationships. Tef Eragrostis tef straw Tef Eragrostis tef hay. Finding and exploiting DNA sequence variation within a genome is of utmost importance for crop genetics and breeding Varshney et al.

Eragrostis tef Tef PFAF Plant Database

However, it is likely that there exists variability within the tef germplasm pool, and certain tef genotypes could adopt some strategies such as osmotic adjustment to resist these constraints. When this occurs, both the yield and the quality of the grain and the straw are severely reduced and both manual and mechanical harvesting are impeded.


Currently high-throughput single nucleotide polymorphism SNP genotyping is one of the methods that has been used to detect and exploit the genetic diversity of several crops. Tef forage is easy and cheap to grow, and quick to harvest.

The well balanced amino acid composition of teff makes it an excellent material for malting and brewing. On the other hand, for the trait days to maturity, 36 heterogeneous tef populations had lower diversity levels for accessions collected between altitudes of and m, while high diversity was noted for accessions obtained below m above sea level Assefa et al.

Mekonnen Melaku Gebremariam, Phone: Thus, its protein content is an indicator for production of good quality gluten-free malt from teff grains. The endosperm cells have an angular, polygonal shape with a size of up to 70 microns Helbing As in any crop improvement program, tef breeding also relies mainly upon the germplasm resources existing in the genetic stock.

The corresponding genes of these proteins of interest can then be isolated and characterized from the tef genome provided it is comprehensively annotated. Sustainable Agriculture and New Biotechnologies. Beer rich in phenolic antioxidants shows higher quality, more stable sensory properties such as flavor and aroma, foam stability, and longer shelf life Drost et al. Similarly, to take advantage of the diversity among tef lines, proteomic approaches can be narrowed and refined to investigate which proteins are characteristic of specific lines or play important roles in a selected tef line.

Eragrostis tef

The tiny seeds Photograph by: A C4 plant, tef makes efficient use of water and heat. Succeeds in any good loam or humus-rich soil in a sunny position[1]. WHO technical report series no.