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Estado actual del cultivo de moluscos bivalvos en Chile. Cercaria perteneciente a la superfamilia Opistorchioidea y parte de su ciclo evolutivo Trematoda. In the present paper, an unidentified copepod was found attached to the gills of the mussels, usually in high intensities, causing severe haemocityc infiltration.

Aportes al conocimiento de su ciclo de vida. The metazoan parasite communities of the Argentinean sandperch Pseudopercis semifasciata Pisces: A new marine cercaria from the Woods Hole region and its bearing on the interpretation of larval types in the Fellodistomatidae Trematoda: By other hand, Ostrincola patagonianus and another, unidentified, but closely related to Tisbe celata copepod, both inhabiting the pallial cavity of Mytilus sp.

Oblique transverse sections, approximately 5 mm thick, including mantle, gills, gonad, digestive gland, nephridia and foot were taken from each specimen. For each digenean species, their hosts, habitat type, localities, infection site, prevalence, life cycle advances, and access numbers in helminthological collections and GenBank, when available, are detailed.

Marine biodiversity in the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America: Canadian Journal of Zoology 76 6: English Choose a language for shopping.

Florencia Cremonte – Google Scholar Citations

Besides of a tetraphyllidian cestode larva reported parasitizing this clam in northern Chile Oliva,enfermrdades is known about the health status of this fishing resource. Larval digenean from Apalachee Bay area, Florida, with a checklist of known marine cercariae arranged in a key to their superfamilies.


The marine cercariae of the Woods Hole, Massachusetts Region, a review and a revision. University of New England: Biological Bulletin 2: In only one mussel specimen, an isopod was found in the pallial cavity. Regarding the life cycles, eight were completely elucidated and four were partially elucidated.


Sampling sites, number of specimens nlength in mm and prevalence P and intensity expressed as mean with range in parentheses of infection of parasites and diseases of the clam Gari solida from southern Chile. Journal of Helminthology 84 4: Chilinidae in Moliscos, Argentina, with special reference to the notocotylid Catatropis chilinae.

Journal of Invertebrate Mluscos Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Microphallidae parasitic in the kelp gull, Larus dominicanusfrom the Patagonian coast, Argentina.

The populations of the bivalve species here studied were devoid of serious pathogens. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Florencia Cremonte fcremont se. This work presents the first histopathological survey of the mussel M. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the health status of the mussel M. Mytilus chilensis of 3 cm of maximum length were free of parasites and diseases. A total of specimens of mussels, Mytilus chilensis Mytilidaeand 56 specimens of clams, Gari solida Psammobiidaewere collected in natural beds and culture sites of southern Chile.


In total, cercariae of 31 species of marine digeneans, including 11 new records here presented, are known to infect 20 species of molluscs 14 in nine gastropods species; 17 in 11 bivalve species. Histopathological survey of the mussel Mytilus chilensis Mytilidae and the clam Gari solida Psammobiidae from southern Chile.

Systematic Parasitology 49 2: Life cycle and geographic distribution of the gymnophallid Bartolius pierrei Digenea on the Patagonian coast, Argentina.

Monstrilloida and other parasites in the brown mussel Perna perna from Brazil. Un rnfermedades de choritos, Mytilus chilensis Mytilidaey 56 almejas, Gari solida Psammobiidae acuichltura, fueron recolectados en bancos naturales y sitios de cultivo en el sur de Chile. On the other hand, the commercial sized specimens were parasitized by intracellular inclusions of bacteria-like organisms, cilia tes, turbellarians and copepods.

Keywords parasites; bivalves; gastropods; diversity; cercariae; larvae; digenean. Revision of the family Gymnophallidae Odhner, Digenea based on morphological and molecular data. Journal of Parasitology 99 1: Sampling sites, number of specimens nlength in mm and prevalence P and intensity [expressed as Mean MI Mean Intensity with range in parentheses] of infection of parasites and diseases of Mytilus chilensis from southern Chile.

The populations of the bivalve species here studied, M.