Strategy Guide for Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate De(Aselia the Eternal – The Spirit of Eternity Sword) originally posted by 永遠のアセリア (Eien no Aselia, Aselia the Eternal). August 27, ·. A useful walkthrough for those who are having a hard time. (Note: contains spoilers so. Think you’re an expert in Eien no Aselia Expansion -The Spirit of Eternity Sword -? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into.

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If you mouse over it, I think it’ll show you how much mana you’ll get for capturing it. It’s the same price as the physical, so unless you want to save on shipping or play it right now, you should probably just get that. What layout would you like? New posts first Old posts first.

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She doesnt have any spells helping her. She also has better attack, hp and her Apocalypse spell doesn’t aswlia you to maintain mind. Woah woah where did Yuuto and Aselia appear in Seinarukana?

Dammit I want the real sequel so bad. Like sand flowing from a crumbling bowl, my unfulfilled feelings only grow stronger. Norio Wakamoto actually voices two characters. Need a new VN to read or are new to them? It should have been unthinkable that they would come to an end. Ugh, the gameplay in this is so slow and limited. I finally invited him to play, but he didn’t seem happy at all, and that pissed me off.


[Visual Novel Review]: Aselia the Eternal (Eien no Aselia) | The Geek Clinic

Ignition is probably the best red spell overall. Is it again? Discord Having trouble joining? Going on my super hard route now. Oh god, this Orpha girl is going to be a heroine. She’s way too loud for me.

Prepare to be always underleveled. Rotating characters in your party is important to long term strategy.

Here is what i have. I bought it day one because I enjoyed Eien no Aselia. Describing more details about their connection would be a major spoiler for both games, so we’ll refrain from that. Eien no Aselia Walkthrough for each route? They’re both good games. Is it because I defeated Kyouko on the defend Ransa mission but not him?

Forever Forever, transient dreams waver on the water’s surface, drifting with nowhere to go. These Shinken give a huge advantage to the side they are in, which is why both leaders went to such length to get them.

This patch can be installed over any of the previous patches without problem. And my comment regarding seiyuu, Aoyama was definitely more well-known to English speaking Aselka compared to Satsuki’s seiyuu. You only need to survive it twice then you can hammer him from there. I’m beginning to get angry, Youtia-sama. Your displays built-in scaling is streching the game to fit your monitor screen. Waljthrough most of the time is spent in battles I’d say I’m pretty satisfied with the game, which I think is a slight improvement over Aselia’s because it has more depth to it.


It is followed by an in-dept walkthrough for those who wish for more concrete assistance asslia that you need to understand the aforementioned sectors in either case to achieve the desired results. The gameplay is better than both Aselia’s and Yumina the Ethereal’s.

Just finished my first playthrough, Aselia. The tutorials explain things pretty well, and if you ever don’t understand something, the manual that came with it should clear up confusion. Dakkodango staff members Phlebas and Echomateria are helping out with the translation as well.