Please read these instructions carefully before attempting to rebuild your carburetor. Listed below are parts and accessories available from Edelbrock that will simplify your rebuild or tune-up. Gasket Kit for #, #, #, # DESCRIPTION: Edelbrock Performer Series carburetors have been calibrated, factory flow-tested, and see the accompanying carburetor Owner’s Manual. Edelbrock Serries manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration.

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I always like a challenge. Originally Posted by Bob’s Today I would like to focus on the Edelbrock Performer with electric choke.

You just have to fish your jets in and out of the fuel bowls. I have the same problem with fdelbrock carb,thanks to this I should be able to get it fixed.

Good luck and happy tuning!

Edelbrock Performer Manuals

This edelbbrock what most of us want for our street cars, so we get the and begin the process of trying to tune it for a high performance engine. It gets the problem if it sits awhile after running then I try to start it. The problem is the stock carb is jetted so lean that you are starting from a whacked benchmark, so even the chart is misleading. Let me start off by saying this is not a Holley Vs Edelbrock thread. To compensate for these variables, even a new should be tuned up.

Lower the engine’s idle speed to the desired level by turning the idle speed screw 146 a counterclockwise direction if the idle speed has increased by more than 40 RPM. Myposition 5 at WOT never got above Both of these cause the engine to have a flat spot or a rich bog. This is a popular carb for the small block Ford and is the trickiest Performer carb to tune.

So I will just say that I’ve always been a fan of the AFB style carb for street cars, especially with automatic transmission. Onlyoriginal kms. The has a stock tune of. The rest of your fine tuning can now be done accurately using the manual.


Edelbrock Performer 1406 Manuals

I found the factory set-up was a bit rich off idle on theedelvrock the About the Author John Stevens has mankal a writer for various websites since The idle speed screw is a standard screw located on the front of the bottom of the throttle linkage.

I bet my probs are due to my comp cam, man is it loppy. After setting the idle a little faster about RPM on the original tach she ran great!! Looking at your chart, tune 24 is one step rich in the cruise mode.

In my experience, it was too rich. The with electric choke is tuned by Edelbrock for fuel economy. I just put a new on my car. Well I tried starting it to put it back in the garage and she didnt want to start. Great write-up PaceFever79, maybe that explains why my car ran better and was easier to tune after switching from a to a ! I could always use a few more ponies!

John Stevens majual been a writer for various websites since Wow, thanks for the post and the trouble of putting that up. I sent an email to Edelbrock a couple years ago when I switched to bone stock with all of the motor specs, they gave a me a great list of mods.

That’s extremely lean in the cruise mode and can cause hesitation or a stumble as it transitions to power mode. Last edited edlebrock grtskydog; at Adjust the idle speed screw until the desired idle speed is reached, as noted by the vehicle’s tachometer. Edelbrock gives you a tuning grid chart in the manual for your carb and I’m sure all of you that have tuned an Eddy before are familiar with the chart. Which got me to thinking, if the is basically the same carb with manual choke, why does this electric choke Performer give everyone including myself a hard time with getting the tune right?


I have a and I bought the stock metering rods, jets and orange springs that are stock in a I think Edlebrock says no more than 5.

I ended up with some type of a compromise, don’t remeber exactly. A quality item for sure! That equals a 28 tune on the chart; 3 steps lean in cruise mode and edelbdock step lean in power mode! Consult the vehicle’s specifications manual if the speed will be set to the engine’s stock edellbrock.

Thanks and good luck! Originally Posted by machm Well after tuning and studying the Edelbrock manuals I finally edelnrock out the problem. Does anyone have pictures of how they routed a braided line or rubber line from the pump to the carb to give me some ideas.

Set your accelerator pump back to the edellbrock middle position. Set your mixture screws to 2 turns out this is a good starting point Start the car and adjust the idle stop until you get it to idle between RPM With the air cleaner on, adjust the mixture screws until the RPM drops 50 don’t use a vacuum gauge. You just remove the top lid of the carb and the jets are right there.

Long story short, this is the wrong direction. Note that three metal edelbroc extend from the front of the carburetor, just below the “Edelbrock” emblem.

The fuel bowl is part of the Performer carb body so there is no fuel spillage. I found the to be a very reliable daily driver carb. I would also install a pressure gauge as well.