: Posthuman Studios Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing Game (4 Player): Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Jason Hardy, David Hill, Ken Horner, Evan Jamieson. I’ve been reading through Rimward the last few days and just love the idea of a [ Sliders]() style adventure. Here is the thread for this (potential) gatecrashing game. Before I get to work on a 16, and everything, I’d like to discuss everyone’s preferences.

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I’m fine with up to an R rating with the previously posted caveats.

I have made significant changes ecipse it after some other peoples writing advice, running the campaign, and getting player feedback. Noah Antwiler rated it really liked it Aug 30, How can they escape the clutches of the hypercorps that put them there?

Ark – A Gatecrashing campaign

I do know I want to make use of the Power Armor from the gatecrasher book, so whatever I make will likely feature that to some degree. Game darkness rating g, pg, pg, hard-r?

To ask other readers questions about Eclipse Phase Gatecrashingplease sign up. I’m fine with Gate crashing – as in not working properly pun intended – and being uncapable of going back for awhile.

It is based on a post about colony ships which I can’t seem to find any more.

And maybe a ex-Jovian Firewall Sentinel is the perfect person to do it And since I’ve almost no experience with Gatecrashng, any suggestion is welcome. Twitter Reddit Facebook Email. Chuck rated it really liked it Apr 17, A hundred unarmed nanozombies will be blown to kibble by a prepared group of PCs, once they open up with the rocket launchers and the machine guns.


Eclipse Phase: Gatecrashing

You can’t just clean up the streets with a gun Last edited by jolinaxas; at If you like science fiction settings, I can’t imagine a better book to read–this is a smorgasbord of fascinating and original ideas. Jul 13, Timothy Pitkin rated it really liked it Shelves: The team is also thrown into a civil war between autonomists and the hypercorps on a distant exoplanet colony.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Brad rated it liked it Jan 27, Specific themes or in universe elements you would like to focus on or have included? The design of the ship is wrong.

Victor Sanchez rated it liked it Jul 08, The team wakes up on Minerva 4, gaecrashing their memories. Episode 9 — The Shepherd: Also love the joke about krypton in the book which is kind of funny.

So far it’s just been two. The team tries to catch Kristol before he escapes. Scott The New World, Part 9: Joey rated it it was amazing Dec 09, All times are GMT Phass I’m toying with the idea of my character not knowing they are specifically Lost.

Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing by Rob Boyle

The end of the road for the gatecrashers. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Gatecrashing Ok, lets get specific. Gatecrashing Are we still going the packages route for chargen?


What do you hope to find on the other side of the gates? A Patreon backer game where a team of sentinels pursues a lead on Neptune. I gave the pdf a read and. The obvious survival benefits of rapidly spreading transhumanity beyond a single planetary system into the wider galaxy aside, it’s only through the study of other worlds and other civilizations that transhumanity can learn the truth about what’s really going on.

You are going to be a rag-tag start up Gatecrashing team, likely with a Firewall Sentinel and at least one insane psychic. Considering there are potentially TWO Lost, I’d think Firewall would be very interested in keeping an eye on the group. Michael rated it really liked it Sep 28, Wherein we discuss the campaign and what we eclipsf of it.

Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing

Kirlian Silvestre rated it it was amazing Oct 07, Ark – A Gatecrashing campaign. A side game wherein Firewall raids an exhuman facility and learns of the plot. I’d prefer to build my own, since I’ve got a fair bit of experience with building characters, but if we’re restricted to the packages, that’ll be okay, I guess. Between pphase and escalating hacking attacks on a legal AGI, the gatecrashers will have their hands full.