E/ECE/ E/ECE/TRANS/ } Rev.1/Add/Rev Regulation No. 48 page 3. Regulation No. UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING. Regulation No 48 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with. Regulation No 48 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of.

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Two side direction-indicator lamps of the categories 5 or 6 minimum requirements:. For the purpose of this Paragraph, “vehicles” efe vehicles of Categories L, M, N, O, T, as well as bicycles, such vehicles being equipped with retro-reflectors, with lighting and light-signalling devices, which are switched ON.

World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations

Existing approvals under this Regulation before the date of entry into force of the 05 series of amendment to this Regulation shall remain valid indefinitely. Side-marker lamps Regulation No Of side direction-indicator lamps, end-outline marker lamps, front and rear position lamps, parking lamps, retro-reflectors and side-marker lamps; 2.

As of [update]there are UN Regulations appended to the Agreement; most regulations cover a single vehicle component or technology. If measurements are taken closer to the lamp, the direction of observation shall be shifted parallel to achieve the same accuracy. Additional lamps may be fitted as follows: The rear fog lamp s of a drawing motor vehicle may be automatically switched off while a trailer is connected and the rear fog lamp s of the trailer is are activated.

On all other vehicles, prohibited. The illuminating lamps described in paragraphs 2. Rear side-marker lamps shall be amber if they flash with the rear direction indicator lamp. General provisions relating to Geometric Visibility 5. Vehicles in Category N without a Load Surface: In the event that the front position lamp or the headlamp on the same side fails, the infrared radiation generator s shall be automatically switched off.

The rear-end collision alert signal shall operate independently of other lamps. The approval granted in respect of a type of vehicle pursuant to this Regulation may be withdrawn if the requirements are not complied with or if a vehicle bearing the approval mark does not conform to the type approved. Arrangement Such that the device illuminates the site of the registration plate 6.


The windshield wiper is switched ON and its continuous or automatically controlled operation has occurred for a period of at least 2 minutes.

Only dipped-beam headlamps according to Regulation No 98 or may be used to produce bend lighting. Ensure that for each type of vehicle at least the tests prescribed in Annex 9 to this Regulation or physical checks from which equivalent data may be derived are carried out.

In their respective planes, the zones 1 and 2 explored by the eye of the observer are bounded:.

Ensure existence of procedures for effective quality control of the vehicle as regards all aspects relevant to compliance with the requirements set out in Paragraphs 5. Moreover, the electrical connections of the two optional devices mentioned in Paragraph 6. If a power-driven vehicle is equipped to draw a trailer the hazard warning signal control shall also be capable of bringing the direction-indicator lamps on the trailer into action.

Depending on the mounting height in metre h of the lower edge of the apparent surface in the direction of the reference axis of eve front fog lamp, measured on the unladen vehicles, the vertical inclination of the cut-off to be set in the unladen vehicle state with one person in the driver’s seat shall have the following value s:.

World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations – Wikipedia

Any r488 fail-safe replacement of the light-signalling function of a rear position lamp is allowed, provided that the replacement function in case of a failure is similar in colour, main intensity and position to the function that has ceased to operate and provided that the replacement device remains operational in its original safety function. Archived from the original on No sharp variation of intensity shall be observed during transition.

To be considered visible, the lamp shall provide an unobstructed view of the apparent surface of at least Rear position lamps, rear direction-indicators and rear retro-reflectors, triangular as well as non triangular, may be installed on movable components only: If a motor vehicle is equipped to tow a trailer fitted with a service braking system of either continuous or semi-continuous type, as defined in Regulation No 13, it shall be ensured that a constant power supply is provided via the electrical connector for the stop lamps to such trailers while the service brake is applied.


If a photometric or visual method is used, headlamps with a well- defined dipped-beam cut-off should preferably be installed on the vehicle under test in order to facilitate the measurements. In the case of a failure of the levelling device, the front fog beam shall not assume a position in which the cut off is less inclined than it was at the time when the failure of the device occurred.

In the event of any failure affecting the operation of the concealment device s the lamps shall remain in the position of use, if already in use, or shall be capable of being moved into the position of use without the aid of tools.

EUR-Lex – X(03) – EN – EUR-Lex

Either of the following applies: During replacement, a tell-tale on the dashboard see Paragraph 2. For M 1 and N 1 category vehicles, as an alternative to paragraph 6. However, in the case of grouped main-beam and dipped-beam headlamps, the control referred to above is required only to activate the dipped-beam headlamps. However, no account is taken of obstacles, if they were already presented when the lamp was type approved.

If the holder of the approval r448 ceases to manufacture a type of vehicle approved in accordance with this Regulation, he shall inform the authority which granted the approval.

In the case of AFS being installed: Items type-approved r84 to a UN Regulation are marked with an E and a number, within a circle. It is tasked with creating a uniform system of regulations, called UN Regulationsfor vehicle design to facilitate international trade.

Tell-tale Circuit-closed tell-tale mandatory 6.