Ultimately, the Duskblade is not good at much else besides dealing damage, so this guide is mostly optimizing for more damage and some amount of utility. the-duskblade-handbook: A guide for the e Duskblade class. I was reading the Duskblade handbook, and I found some perplexing statements. Can you guys help me out? First, it cites this ridiculous post.

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Full casters do this much better than you. Hello Sebastian, Glad you like my handbooks. And that’s the story of how I became a blackguard. Just play the character you want to play.

Entry requires proficiency in a martial weapon; this is a point where elves suddenly become more desirable than usual, because they start with four. Brandon Golby September 13, at 8: The Pathfinder equivalent is the magusand the Hexblade is an archetype of the same. It’s interesting and very useful. After all duskblades are not tanks and frontliners, but more support characters. Since it is a standard action, it is less awesome for combat than it could be. Remember though that the bonus on attack rolls doesn’t work with knowledge devotion.

dnd e – How to optimize a Gishy [Fighter/Mage] Character? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

Now in the rare occasion that you find yourself wanting to hop around regularly, get an eternal wand of this.

Touch of fatigue, chill touch, shocking grasp, resist energy, dimension hop, ghoul touch, touch of idiocy, dispelling touch and vampiric touch are all range: Extra actions can be valuable.

You can use it to get into some PrCs.

  BOFH 2001 PDF

Tripping is considered an attack option so it doesn’t interfere with your arcane channeling ability. While the race is more or less designed for multiclassing, the Illumian Words quality makes them well-suited for mixed-role classes such as the Duskblade.

Dictum Mortuum October 10, at Also gives you acid and fire resistance which is good for melee. Does channeling a touch spell as a standard action always discharge the spell immediately, as seems to be the case when casting most touch spells without channeling? Rouse — Extremely situational, and not particularly useful even then.

Duskblades get a huge number of spells per day, so it isn’t hanrbook for bonus spells either. I thought of the stacking limitations of spells, but then realized that Arcane Strike is a feat.

Your high BAB and hit points though make familiars of medium size like small elementals, mephits or other improved familiars and high strength a formidable fighting companion. Now it mentions that you get it when you are delivering the spell, but since dus,blade arcane channeling ‘s effect states [ Familiars get to deliver touch spells, which duskblades hanfbook a thing for and provide you with some bonuses. Hexblade – Samurai – Swashbuckler.

Spells and Swords

Specifically, the group is looking for a character focused on delivering high damage or other debilitating effects to an individual target. This race is probably the best choice if you are interested in prioritizing INT. Tumble — Usable if you can swap Ride class skill for this as a class skill. While your hit die isn’t handobok, you still need all the hit points you can get.

Duskblade – 1d4chan

However keep in mind that this is listed often as a requirement. Disguise — Not needed. On an average roll, the damage is 2. It seems better to house rule that you can use Arcane Channeling only once per round.


I’m sorry, how did you get 20d6 at lvl 9? This is one of the primary reasons that extreme reach is useful when playing a Duskblade. It is a question of flavor which one should you use. I have a question, based upon a neat conflux of rules that I just noticed yesterday. First of all even if your target fails his save, he becomes fatigued. Equipment This is a small selection of equipment that is powerful on typical Duskblade builds.

Note that this spell isn’t a range: It deals negative energy damage, which is useful in many situations. I can always make touch attacks with vampiric touch. Doing so discharges the spell at the end of the round, in the case of a touch spell that would otherwise last longer than 1 round.

Somatic Weaponry normally covers that.

By selecting a few tactical spells, you will easily get the role of the leader in a party. As a 1-level dip, you get a LOT of things, but investing further gives up more caster levels.

Or, maybe a DM can just claim that he is applying the written rule regarding free action by the name of DM’ decree. Again, this is a teleportation effect, so it xuskblade helps shadowpouncers and classes that love to full-attack.

For example compare it with weapon focus or weapon specialization: