If you’ve read Georges Simenon’s classic of existential noir Dirty Snow you will probably believe there was mutual influence between Simenon. Georges Simenon’s Dirty Snow, a noir chronicle of a mean, vicious soul, is anything but the feel-good read of the summer. But novelist Jim. Georges Simenon is reasonably well-known as the Belgian author of the Maigret detective stories, but deserves to be a good deal more famous.

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A dark, hopeless book with a despicable main character, who described himself at the end as “a piece of shit” to his interrogators, it’s also somenon fascinating look at the interior of his mind, shallow as it may be.

Dirty Snow by Georges Simenon

Frank carries out a hastily contrived plot to kill an officer in the occupying force, but in utterly strange fashion, he deliberately allows his neighbour Holst, a streetcar conductor whose daughter has a crush on him, to witness the murder.

Of Simenon’s important – that is, non-Maigret – work, this is the finest example. She always kept them in a box with pictures from the adventures of Robinson Crusoe on it. I do not concur, again. She snoe reassured, but at the same time even more frightened. That whiteness, glaring, translucent, had something menacing about it, something absolute and eternal.

I bought What came snoe he shot her not long ago. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This region is inhabited by many, particularly those of the permanent underclass who perceive occupation as another not terribly significant fact of life to be dealt with by t Corporate Occupation From time to time Georges Simenon has been either accused of collaboration or praised for his resistance during the German occupation of France in WWII.

As you read, you dream, you breathe, you do not mistake what is before you as a mere dirtyy, a mere photo, but as an object and universe burst forth from the heavy wellspring of an agitated imagination – like the brushstrokes of a painting it has weight, density, a life more meaningful than the perfect replication of the image of the object in its focus.


Which are the greater crimes, crimes of nations, who invade, occupy, and torture? Mar 26, knig rated it it was amazing. Without hope, and a fatalistic view of life, Frank is called in by either the Occupying police, or one of the local authorities, and he spends the rest of the book in confinement being tortured by an indefatigable old gentleman.

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The Maigret novels were translated into all major languages and several of them were turned into films and radio plays. I am a piece of shit.

Eighteen year old Frank precipitates a Faustian self deconstruction in s Nazi occupied France through a series of emotionless and cold blooded crimes: Dirty Snow is about as dark as they get.

He sexually victimizes and humiliates a young woman simeon lives next to his mother’s flat,seemingly as punishment sjow her attraction to him. And the French are closer to the truth, here. Learn how your comment data is processed.

And after a certain time they had to be sent away because diety stole from the cupboards. Sounds bleak but interesting, will have to see how this is called in French. While Simenon glides through this complex spectrum, questions lurk beneath the surface. Facebook Twitter Google More Email. Dirty Snow is a novel that contains a great deal of criminal activity but it is not a crime novel in the traditional sense.

‘Dirty Snow’ by Georges Simenon – Not Only the Snow was Dirty | Tony’s Book World

Feb 16, BlackOxford rated it really liked it Shelves: Frank, his mother idrty the mother’s whores have ample food and other necessities. I wonder if Nazi occupied France had any real significance in how Frank turns out: One audacious act after another shows him daring anyone to stop him.

For this reason, girls are only kept for a few weeks before they are turfed out. The scene where he kills the Arab on the beach is brilliantly executed, but basically he does it because the story requires him to.


Under torture, Frank considers his strategic options with his nemesis, the patient elderly interrogator: View all 35 comments. In the world of novel writing, Georges Simenon was a natural, a kind of Mozart of the novel.

In the Walloon version he ended 10th place. The first novel in snos series, Pietr-le-Letton, appeared in ; the last one, Maigret et M.

Frank may merely be the apotheosis of the good corporate citizen. For example, when he simrnon arrested and detained on undetermined charges, the ensuing dream sequence quality of the denouement is unencumbered with details: A hopeless or abusive upbringing can indeed mold monsters. This is an honest novel about the sordid underside of life but it is compelling on its own terms.

CIS: Georges Simenon’s Dirty Snow revisited

Cain, Patricia Highsmith, Jim Thompson and now Georges Simenon are held in much higher esteem these days than they were during their lifetimes. Jan 26, Ted rated it did not like it Shelves: Frank is then noticed by the German authorities and locked up in a school that has been turned into a makeshift prison by the German occupiers, since the regular prison is already too snoe. December 1, at 6: He cannot find meaning, nor does he expect to, such is his cynicism and hopelessness.

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He said to Stan, who suddenly seemed awkward, “Go on! He pushed his foot against the door as it opened, his pistol at his waist. Do you wait patiently for your appointment at pearly gates or dirt the queue? I’d be better off dead. Guy Savage on Newcomer: To make the story more universal, Simenon deliberately does not name the setting: