The PDS was boxed with the PDS manual. When I got mine, I thought I got a PDS manual by mistake, so I called digitech and. I am fond of the Dod/Digitech PDS series delays. On paper there’s nothing too amazing – mid s 8-bit delays with 1, 2 or 8 (if you can afford. DigiTech PDS Two Second Digital Sampler: DigiTech PDS series» digital delay pedal», sampler pedal».

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An input jack, a jack and a trigger input jack output. If it let me go There may be an “official” method for adjusting maximum delay length using a testpoint on the PCB but without a service manual I’ve come up with my own. First you must get in Sample mode which works like Normal modeswitch the pedal, play a phrase when that phrase is digitecb, using the switch on the left to bring it into memory.

Sometimes I had to iterate and go back and forth between the two sets of pots.

Ddigitech a soft-start for the 9V supply on the PDS This is on purpose, but it’s still boring. Ja zehre a Chance manua i could send oh to you for repair? More on that below. All of the pedals in this series came with snap-in plastic battery doors that are not held captive by the enclosure i. After replacing pots I found that delay time wasn’t working because of broken trace, I ran some Kynar wire to restore it.

Already, two seconds, it is obviously too short to sample anything. Did you find this review helpful? The has something similar.

I haven’t seen a schematic for the PDS 8 second delay. My reasoning is that DRAM should be completely filled in this time, so I probe the DRAM with an oscilloscope and adjust delay length until the frequency of data in and out matches the DRAM size divided by nominal delay length in seconds.


Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Everything is done with standard CMOS logic.

Digitech PDS ? | Harmony Central

This actually worked pretty well, but replacing these pots and running wires to the PCB is probably a digirech long-term solution. Produced in the 80’s, one of the first of its kind! Once the recorded phrase, therefore, we must switch to “Trigger” ie bending, super convenient Raju Solanki 16 April at The delay loop in the PDS series is basically some ripple counters counting through memory addresses and resetting when the end of memory is reached.

I traced signals back from the delay range switch to a 74HC04 hex inverter, which looked dead.

False Electronics: Digitech PDS & Repairs

I already had an analog delay an Ibanez ADso I was pretty used to this kind of sounds. This just manuzl some soldering to bring it back. I replaced with long-leg alpha pots. Newer Post Older Post Home. The second win is the internal design. A surprising amount of 90s and early 00s delays can’t smoothly pitch-shift recorded audio when playing with the delay times, and glitch or “jump” somewhere through the pot travel. I messed around with compounder trimpot as I thought that may be distorting – no improvement.

So once in Trigger mode, you must press the switch on the left to launch a sample. Here is a braindump: This means they get lost, and I have never actually seen one.

For now the phrase will be repeated ad infinitum. The length of it depends on the settings of the repeat range. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Raju Solanki 24 April at With the technology of the time. Anyway, it’s extremely complicated to use for a result frankly not great I would like to see how this was implemented, as it should have 4x the memory of the PDS Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.


Unfortunately my “Mix” Pot snapped off a couple a months ago and I lost it. This was in the worst condition. At this point things appeared to work again, except the delay was very distorted and noisy. There are two features that win me over. Everything seemed to work, except that I couldn’t change delay ranges, it was stuck on the longest range 2 seconds. I ordered a new 74HC04 and got two working pedals.

This one was partially working when I got it. The replacements are a little taller than the originals, so I cut the legs a little shorter and soldered some bus bar to them, then soldered the bus wire into the PCB.

Tweaking these delay pots brought the delay back to 1 second and adjustable through the full range of the delay pot.

Digitech PDS 2000?

Please let me know if you have a PDS schematic or high-resolution board shots. I swapped this chip over from the other and it worked. With that, two footswitches: The 1Meg trimmer for clock frequency was also broken off. Adjustment on trimpots is fairly coarse, so this can’t be dialled with really great precision but I find it much easier than trying to listen to the delay and sync to a stopwatch or something similar.

These delays could be built from scratch with new parts today, and they are very repairable.