Digital Mums is a social media training company specialising in getting mums job -ready so they can create flexible careers that fit around family life. From customer experience to data and AI, SapientRazorfish is business reimagined. Learn how we can help drive your company’s digital transformation. If marketers want to understand today’s mom, we had better get in touch with her digital side. CafeMom and my employer Razorfish have.

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Yes I have experience in one of the above.

A Digital Transformation Agency | SapientRazorfish

Gain the skills and confidence to return to the workplace, hustle for the roles – and pay – you deserve. BizReport shall not be liable for any errors in the content, or for razorrish actions taken in reliance thereon. I’m now a freelance social media manager and work 20 hours a week flexibly from home. About CafeMom CafeMom digial the largest online community for moms with millions of highly-engaged users, where moms connect on shared interests, challenges and local issues in their communities.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Digital moms are not a niche market. They have tons and tons of features and s of articles mu, all kinds of topics. Build your confidence and a career you love with expert training in social media and digital. Our training builds your confidence through the skills we teach, our hands-on approach to learning and the supportive peer groups we put students in.

Brands that can tie their messages into the information she is seeking, especially via the voice of other moms, will be the most successful at connecting with the Infoseeker. CafeMom has developed a series of cutting-edge sponsorship programs that allow leading brands to join the consumer conversation, add value to members’ lives, and get members talking about sponsor brands in an authentic and viral way.

The community aspect is the draw. Connecting with Digital Mom through Social Networks CafeMom conducted a companion study of 1, active members of CafeMom, combined with CafeMom behavioral and usage data, to achieve a deeper understanding of how and why moms are using social media, and its impact on shopping behavior and purchase decisions.

No background in one of the above. You are commenting using your Digihal account. On our vocational courses, this means you do the job of a social media manager before you’ve even found a client – there’s no other training like it.


Speak to our team. You know the score, ‘mostly As’ and you’re Ryan Gosling’s dream woman. New York, NY February 2, – A new marketing report by Razorfish and CafeMom indicates that moms’ digital behaviors change remarkably when their children hit 12 years old and that mobile browsing and social media channels are increasingly affecting moms’ buying decisions. Nothing mim more powerful than women helping women and this really comes into its razorfizh in our ‘Empowering Women With WorkThatWorks’ Facebook community – designed to help you get your work mojo back.

New survey delves into the lives of digital moms

Those moms are increasingly using the Internet to stay connected, keep informed, seek advice, help with daily chores and to keep abreast of their children’s digital lives. The segments include Groupsters who live to build online communities and the advice-hungry Infoseeker.

One of our team will be in touch shortly with more info. The Infoseeker usually has a young baby at home and is hungry for information on parenting and related products. The gap is closing between TV and digital channels in terms of creating awareness and affecting product decisions, and social influence channels are increasingly important. CafeMom arrived at five different segments of digital moms that use social networking sites along with ways in which marketers might approach each type.

Digital Mums: Innovative Social Media Training | Digital Mums

For the purposes of this report, Razorfish surveyed 1, “digital moms”–defined as women with at least one child mym 18 in the home who have engaged with two or more emerging technologies and who have researched, sought advice or purchased a product online in the last three months. Survey findings will help marketers to better understand the different types of moms using mobile browsing, razorfisy media and emerging technologies and how to engage them most effectively depending on their age and the age of their children.

Moms’ interests are broad; some interests change by life stage, and some do not. Only our quiz has slightly more achievable outcomes ; Good luck!

The entire report has been published online. Find out how it works. Whether your goal is to be there at the school gates, cut down on childcare or get a better balance between work and play, our vocational training paves the way for a flexible and fulfilling career.


Understanding how the specific consumer groups that make-up your target audiences are adopting and using digital channels is fundamental to developing successful programmes to engage with them online.

If mums are your target audience or even momswell worth a read — and a razorifsh reminder of the quality of free consumer insight reports that can be found online if you keep your browser eyes open.

Click here to get more info on what we do and find out which course is the best fit for you. Marketers can reach her by associating with groups, blogs and other message centers and enlisting her as a brand advocate.

Notify me of new comments via email. The school system as a influence is key here and no doubt will be more so. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Most Popular White Papers.

Total career change, total flexibility. Get our RSS feed. CafeMom’s part of the study – “Connecting with Razorfjsh Mom through Social Networks” – found that digital moms are spending more time on social networks than ever before.

The Self Expressor typically has a preschooler at home and is eager to chat with digutal moms about parenting and shopping-related matters. My son is 6 and tasked with searching on Google nicely brainwashed! Once part of a social network, these moms are not just passive consumers, but active participants in activities such as blogging, photo-sharing, engaging in group discussions and building communities based on similar interests.

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Email razorfisn Address never made public. Unique learning Hands-on digital skills Whether your digital skills are in need of a refresh or you want to change to a more family-friendly, mumm career, our radical approach to training means you’ll use your skills straight away. You can unsubscribe any time. News in your inbox.