: Die Meistersinger Libretto Orginal Text and English Translation. Metropolitan Opera. text and Music By Richard Wagner. English Version By. Libretto, Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg [Richard Wagner, H. and F. Corder] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Libretto, Musical Score, and MIDI Files Links Download a zip file with Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg leitmotifs in MIDI format .

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Die Meister erheben sich beistimmend. Back to the agenda for the day!

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

Walther schnell sich zu den Frauen wendend: The crowd is confused. Walther leise, doch feurig zu Eva: Now you have brooch and kerchief Vielleicht schon ginget Ihr zu weit. Magdalene’s lover David, Sach’s apprentice, starts to teach Walther the rules of the contest.

If you wish to measure according to rules something which does not agree with your rules, forget your own ways, and first seek its rules! EVA Wer ist denn der? O child, don’t your heartbeats tell you what happiness may be yours tomorrow, when Nuremberg, the whole city with burghers and commoners, with guilds, people, and high council, shall assemble before you so that you may award the prize, that noble garland, as consort to the Master of your choice?

Leave that for now. He before whom everyone felt so small! WALTHER When the meadow was free from frost and summertime returned, what previously in long winter nights the old book had told me now resounded loudly in the forests’ splendour, I heard it ring out brightly: Hans Sachs tricked him into singing it. In addition to this, Wagner added a scene drawn from his own life, in which a case of mistaken identity led to a near-riot: Ein Meister stolz auf Freiers Fuss; denkt morgen zu siegen ganz alleinig: Hier habt ihr vertan!


I’ll see if all is quiet downstairs. As an apprentice cannot serve as a witness for the baptism, he promotes David to the rank of journeyman with the traditional cuff on the ear and by this also “promoting” him as a groom and Magdalena as a bride.

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Ihr lobt ihn, Meister Vogelgesang, wohl weil vom Vogel er lernt’ den Gesang? No one will heed the knight. I’ve owed you this for a long time! Pogner freudig zu den Hinzutretenden: David und die Lehrbuben: For you must be a “Singer” and “Poet” before you reach the goal of “Master”. It’s raging far and wide! Dei you like to tell us about a lower price?

I should like to be a Mastersinger. Don’t go near him!

But once a year I should find it wise to test the rules themselves, to see whether in the dull course of habit. Drum richtet nur fein das Gemerk dem ein! He stops for breath A bachelor, I brought my skin, my honour, office, dignity and livelihood here so that my singing may please you well and the young maiden may choose me if she found my song good. If you wish to measure according to rules something which does not agree with your rules, forget your own ways, and first seek its rules!

Beneath the lime-tree hide yourself quickly: May God be with you. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. The old man woos the young maiden, the apprentice the old maid!


I’ll be welting the soles. Click to learn more. Das wird denn wohl auch darnach sein!

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg – Wikipedia

Now, get to work! David comes out of meistersiner inner room with a light and sits down to work at the bench by the window EVA He seems to be at home: Die Gemeinde erhebt sich. EVA Geh’ zu ihm ein: The apprentices scatter in alarm as Pogner and Beckmesser enter from the sacristy, then they go to their places at the back of the stage.

Wie wehrt’ ich da ‘nem Ungemach?

Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg: Synopsis – Opera Libretti

EVA Wie du irrst! Leave that for now. Composers Operas Links Forum About. And yet, I know why so late: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Don’t hum with your voice before the word, and don’t let your mouth rumble on after the word.

Running off in a huff, she is intercepted by Walther, who begs her to elope with him, and they hide when the Night Watchman passes. Kaum vernimmt man sein eig’nes Wort; des Junkers will keiner achten: