de Beaugrande, Robert-Alain und Wolfgang U. Dressler. Einführung in die Textlinguistik (= Konzepte der Sprach- und. : Introduction to Text Linguistics (Longman Linguistics Library) ( ): R. de Beaugrande, W. Dressler: Books. among elements). This utilization is carried out via procedures of ACTUALIZATION” (de Beaugrande and Dressler. 35). This definition is.

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As such, coherence encompasses inferencing based on one’s knowledge. In contrast to the rain which causes Itsy Bitsy spider to be washed out, the slow working does not actually cause or enable the low wage. However, a text receiver is likely to assume that the locations of all three events are close to one another as well as occur in a continuous and relatively short time frame. It is also the basis of various disciplines such as law, religion, medicine, science, politics, et cetera.

The receptor, on his or her part needs to be willing to accept beauhrande proffered text as a communicative text. Texture is, therefore, created within text when the properties of coherence and cohesion are present.

One might also assume that the actions are meant to signal the attributes of the agents; the Queen is skilled in cooking, the Knave is dishonest and the King is authoritative. In general it is an application of discourse analysis [1] at the much broader level of text, rather than just a sentence or word. Robert-Alain de Beaugrande was a text linguist and a discourse analyst, one of the leading figures of the Continental tradition in the discipline.

Therefore, a science of texts is probabilistic instead of deterministic, that is, inferences by users of any particular text will be similar most of the time instead of all of the time.


Texts such as parodies, rebuttals, forums and classes in school, the text producer has to refer to prior texts while the text receivers have to have knowledge of the prior texts for communication to be efficient or even occur. Conversely, the level of informativity should also drewsler be so low that it results in boredom and the rejection of the text.

They try to arrive at an interpretation which is in line with their experience of the way the world is.

Text linguistics

Informally published manuscript, English and German Studies, Retrieved from www. Texture is the basis for unity and semantic interdependence within text.

More than just a feature of texts, coherence is also the outcome of cognitive processes among beaugrance users. There may be different interpretations with the road sign. In contrast to Humpty Dumpty’s action of sitting on the wall which enables the action of falling down, there is a plan involved here; Humpty Dumpty did not aand on the wall so that it could fall down but Old Beaugrade Hubbard went to the cupboard so that she could get a bone. In the explicit text, there is a set of actions making, stealing and calling ; the only relations presented are the agent and the affected entity of each action.

No matter how expected or predictable content may be, a text will always be informative at least to a certain degree due to unforeseen variability.

Don’t have an account? However, depending on the conditions and situations in which the text is used, the goal may still be attained even when cohesion and coherence are not upheld. Context of situation is the semio -socio-cultural environment in which the text unfolds.

Introduction to text linguistics – Robert De Beaugrande, Wolfgang U. Dressler – Google Books

If the road sign was “Motorists should reduce their speed and proceed slowly because the vehicles ahead are held up by road works, therefore proceeding at too high a speed may result in an accident’, every possible doubt of intended receivers and intention would be removed.


Intertextuality concerns the factors which make the utilization of one text dependent upon knowledge of one or more previously encountered text. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A full understanding of a text is often impossible without reference to the context in which it occurs.

Most text users have a common core of cognitive composition, engagement and process such that their interpretations of texts through “sensing” are similar to what beautrande senders intend them to be.

The application of text linguistics has, however, evolved from this approach to a point in which text is viewed in much broader terms that go beyond a mere extension of traditional grammar towards an entire text. Surface texts are the exact words that people see or hear.

The situation in which a text is exchanged influences the comprehension of the text. Applied linguistics Discourse analysis Systemic functional linguistics Text. Text linguistics is a branch of linguistics that deals with texts as communication systems.

The contribution to meaning by social statuses of the participants also fall within this feature. Text linguistics takes into account the form of a text, but also its setting, i.

Someone might construe it as a notice about “slow cars” that are “held up”, so that conclusions could be drawn about the need to drive fast to avoid being held up. The processing of highly informative text demands greater cognitive ability dresselr at the same time is more interesting.