Keep a record of your Form Reference number to track your CRB application online If you require more copies of this continuation sheet, they can be found at. If it is not possible to record all the required information on the DBS application form, a ‘continuation sheet’ should be submitted together with the form. If there is insufficient space on the application form, download and complete a continuation sheet at If you do.

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Check your record with e: This service offers applicants the chance to subscribe to an Update Service when applying for a new DBS check. Remember to leave spaces between words when filling out the application form but not between telephone numbers or postcodes.

If there is insufficient space then please add onto the DBS continuation sheet downloadable at: Only use black ink and print clearly within the boxes. You should include overseas addresses where necessary; Submit more than one continuation sheet, if required; Use black ink and write clearly in BLOCK CAPITALS only; Complete all fields marked in yellow; Insert any continuation sheets between the pages of the relevant application form, ready for sending to the DBS, to ensure all the information is kept together.

You can request a Disclosure Application Form via the Student Services Reception desk in the Palatine Centre or alternatively speak to the department that have asked you to complete the form. Applicants should check cntinuation their department about who will pay this fee. Please note Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the application form being returned for correct completion and will delay your application.

Volunteers are not required to pay the application dbw but volunteer status is only be applied to those applicants who are:.

Completing the application form Please ensure you read the advice provided on the DBS website regarding completion of the DBS application form https: If it is not possible to record all the required information on the DBS application form, a ‘ continuation sheet ‘ should be submitted together with the form.


If you do not do this then you dhs be unable to proceed with the activity the DBS check is required for. Dr Charlotte Quarless Tel: For further advice on the service and how to subscribe please visit: Please note that it generally takes the DBS between four and six weeks to process an enhanced application.

The University will not receive a copy of the certificate and it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they provide sight of the certificate to the person who has processed the application. If you are unsure what level of check you require please ask the relevant person from the list of countersignatory contacts.

Volunteers are not required to pay the application fee but volunteer status is only be applied to those applicants who are: Do NOT use tippex or any other correction product to correct mistakes. Search the site What are you looking for? There are three levels of check available: The application cintinuation levels clntinuation currently: Students on placements cannot claim volunteer status.

Your shete application form; The correct number of ORIGINAL documents to confirm identity please refer to the DBS’ ID checking process Guidance Notes for information on continuahion number and types of continuatoon that must be seen ; If applicable, your continuation sheet s indicating 5 years of address history and any other additional information that may be required; Your method of payment. Payment The DBS charge a processing fee for all non-volunteer applications and it is generally the applicant that will pay this fee.

Remember to include a complete 5 years worth of address history including term time and overseas addresses – please list in chronological order and use an official DBS continuation sheet if necessary.

If using this method of payment please write your DBS application reference number on the back of the cheque in the top right corner.


DBS Continuation Sheets | York St John University

It provides applicants with the chance to keep their DBS certificate up to date online and allows employers to check a certificate online. Try to write or squeeze information in the spaces between fields on the application form; Staple the continuation sheet s to the application form; Send in originals or copies of the documents recorded on the continuation sheet; Send in any additional information, correspondence, or documentation that is not required by the DBS.

It is currently Durham University’s general policy NOT to share Disclosure information with any other body conntinuation institution. If you do make a mistake draw a single line through it and write the amendment clearly in the space next to the box. Once this is complete you will receive a Disclosure certificate through the post.

There are three levels of check available:. Alternatively please visit the Contacts page of this website. The preferred method of payment is by debit or credit card – please contact Charlotte Quarless for further information. However in some circumstances it may be possible to share information with partner orgnisations but in these instances explicit consent must be sought from the individual.

Guidance for Students on how to apply for a DBS check

The DBS charge a processing fee for all non-volunteer applications and it is generally the applicant that will pay this fee. Copies of documents are made for University administration purposes only and will be securely destroyed once the application has been processed. A copy of your documents may be taken and you will be handed back your original documents. Your original identity documents will be checked for authenticity by the relevant Countersignatory or someone appointed on their behalf an ID checker.