About: Before Spielberg’s go-to writer David Koepp wrote Crystal Skull, super screenwriter Frank Darabont worked on a draft of the script. Our final lost Indy script involves The City of the Gods. Darabont turned in three versions of his screenplay, culminating in ‘s Indiana. An alternate version of the script, possibly written by Frank Darabont, was (briefly) posted on the Internet.

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Cabin in the Woods is an excellent-ish example. We’ll let Marion ask:.

It was widely reported beforehand that Darabonnt had written a rejected Indiana Jones screenplay. Totally get the real world implications of what you’re saying- but IJ isn’t about answering these questions, it’s about retelling the tales the Serial Adventures that were popular in the era they were told. Nathanson’s script was called Indiana Jones and the Atomic Antsbut that script scropt quite up to snuff, either.

Fade to the ending scene, someone is walking in a corridor, the camera pans up and it’s Marcus’ museum, Indy is standing darxbont a display cabinet in a suit and his trademark hat, giving a tour, and the camera pans over and the Ark is in the display.

It’s a little less terrible, but it’s still bad. It’s posts like this that make me wonder how many awesome movies are never going to get made.

They should have stuck with the mythical elements of the first 3 movies. Darahont not that they are worse, but that they are different. Instead, it tried really hard to be familiar using a fantasy theme that nobody would consider familiar for the series.


He was literally willing to kill himself in Raiders because he thought she was dead.

I don’t think the judeo-christian themes and mythology of Raiders and Last Crusade mesh very well with aliens. Dzrabont Raiders and LC establish that the Judeo-Christian god is at least somewhat real, how do aliens that ostensibly gave birth to all ancient civilizations fit into the world’s pantheon of supreme beings?

They took the highlights and added so much bullshit. Darabont obviously loves the character, and more than anything else, his passion is evident in each and every scene.

Read it, now I’m sad fuck that’s a good script. I thought the heart of the story was Indiana Jones winning back Marion. What would movie fans give to read every draft of “Indy 4” — especially Frank Darabont’s?

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So, iindy does Crystal Skulls go wrong? They just didn’t show the audience any of the skull’s power directly, and I think that hurt it even more. Dan – you know, for reasons. I think an autistic kid with no limbs could write a better movie. But since a the movie had so many other unbelievable plot devices, plus b the darabojt was already straining to accept the alien premise, and c everyone is erroneously but reasonably taught that nuclear blasts are completely unsurvivable no matter what with no exceptions ever, this scene ends up getting thrown under the bus as the number one most unbelievable scene in the film, even though it isn’t.

If anything I enjoyed it as a fanboy. The film also ends not with a spaceship flying away into space, but a spaceship trying to fly away into space, only to crash-land and explode in a second nuclear inferno. The Crystal Skull was terrible. Even the refrigerator was about as sensical as a raft parachute, or being accidentally saved by a ricochet bullet. We also see Sallah brieflya play on Indy’s fear of snakes, repeated references in the dialogue Indy: And the list goes on.


And of course, his hat is still on his head. The Big Lie and Big Buy are the same thing, and little lies are fine if they belong in that world.

The Lost Scripts, Part III: Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods | Mental Floss

That kind of flies in the face of what we know of this rolling stone, adventuring, smooooth womanizer. I still have a soft spot for that movie. With any fantastical adventure stories, I’ll grant you one big buy. But the two worked out a compromise – there could be aliens, but there couldn’t be flying saucers. A million times better than “Crystal Skull. We see scenes of primitive man mistaking them for gods.

A return to Raiders and the Ark would have been fun, and could have easily integrated the Cold War hysteria. For example, in “action movie” version of earth, you can be allotted one more bullet than there could have been.