Dancing at Lughnasa. by Brian Friel. Full Length Play, Drama / 3m, 5f. Premiered at Scripts. Dancing at Lughnasa. Acting Edition · Spiralbound · Large. It is and harvest time in County Donegal. In a house just outside the village of Ballybeg live the five Mundy sisters, barely making ends meet, their ages. Attached you will find 6 script cuttings from Dancing at Lughnasa. Choose ONE monologue to prepare for Day One. Men choose to read for Michael (two.

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Good day to you, ma’am. When he’s fit to see people, I’ll call out. Will you say Mass soon? Is that a purple stain on your gansey? Crawling with cheeky young brats that I taught years ago.

This play is loosely based on the lives of Friel’s mother and aunts who lived in Glentieson the west coast of Donegal.


You’ll never believe this. And so we set out to meet my Uncle Jack. Is there nothing I can do?

Dancing at Lughnasa (1998) Movie Script

Will you miss me? How is your wife?

Okawa is my houseboy in Uganda. They’re not respectable people there as we are in Ballybeg. It’s a good thing Michael is blessed with a great imagination. You’re the one should’ve been giving dance lessons.

Tomorrow it’s the gin bottle. Agnes and Rose knit gloves to be sold in town, thereby earning a little extra money for the household. Your battery, that’s come in from Letterkenny.

Dancing at Lughnasa – Drama Online

Ireland pays tribute following death of Brian Friel2 Oct The family will always manage. A woman’s modesty is everything.

The other day she had the cheek to ask if I were going to the harvest dance. Her whole face alters when she’s happy. Their spare existence is interrupted by brief, colorful bursts of music from the radio, their only link to the romance and hope of the world at large. You trying to break the child’s heart? I wonder if we’ll soon have tea to drink. And my Aunt Kate was inconsolable.


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A clatter of lepers doing the Military Two-Step. He belongs to all of you. And I’ve to say I have to laugh at you, Rose Mundy. Christina will sob and lament in the middle of the night. You’ve the figure for it, scriipt it brings out the color of your eyes. I haven’t worn it yet.

Dancing at Lughnasa – Wikipedia

Through it all, Aunt Maggie tried to keep the house going. Must be that hot sun. He calls me his Rosebud, Aggie. And lugunasa look great in that cotton dress you got for confirmation last year.