Utilisation des guides d’ondes à cristal photonique de lumière lente et des cavités a été largement adopté par la communauté de la. Histoire des Cristaux Photoniques. Préhistoire et précurseurs. Naissance officielle Mise en place des principaux concepts – Les tendances. L’invention concerne un multiplexeur/démultiplexeur optique à cristal photonique bidimensionnel comprenant une hétérostructure plane présentant des orifices.

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WOA1 – Orientation de faisceau au moyen d’un cristal photonique – Google Patents

The project goal is to develop extremely sensitive electric field E-field sensor with flat response in a very large frequency range based on electro-optic photonic crystal devices fabricated on suspended micrometric size membranes of lithium niobate. The detection will be purely optical which implies the following advantages: Because the electric field sensor is an all-optical and an all-dielectric device, it offers minimal disturbance to the electric field to be measured and opens the way to near field measurements.

It also operates without a battery, so measurements can be conducted over a long period. Its sensing part does not contain any electronic devices or circuits, so it can easily be miniaturized.


Cristal Photonique / Reflet / Allemagne SD Collection Stock Vidéo | Framepool & RightSmith

The optical device will be a photonic crystal that brings the photonqiue advantages with respect to classical electro-optical devices already reported in literature: The key feature on reaching unprecedented performances on electric field sensitivities never obtained before come from the fact that the optical detector is an active photonic crystal in which light-matter interaction can be enormously enhanced if a suitable dielectric material is chosen.

This nano-device in lithium niobate will have the unique property of being able to exacerbate the electro-optic effect with respect to bulk devices.

Indeed, Photonic crystals PhCs are periodic arrangements of dielectric media that exhibit a photonic band structure that is analogous to the electronic band structure in crystalline solids [JJ08]. Because of their potential to offer unprecedented control over the flow of cristl in extremely small structures, PhCs have been viewed as having some revolutionary impact on photonics as the planar transistor did in electronics.

In particular, the possible existence of a photonic band gap -a range of optical wavelengths that cannot propagate through the structure unless line or point photoniqe are incorporated— provides opportunities for device engineering analogous to semiconductors junctions or heterostructures.


The present project falls entirely within the scientific guidelines of the DGA for and beyond.

It fits completely the Nanotechnology axe in applications such as threaten detection, and miniaturized devices to be used in hazardous environments.

In addition, our proposal can be used also in applications that are directly related with the axes Waves and Photonics since it could be used in the following cases: Electronic war and electromagnetic aggressions, electromagnetic compatibility and biosignal sensing. Back to the previous page.

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