Total phenolic compounds, flavonoids and antioxidant activity in the flowers of Crataegus spp. from México. Compuestos fenólicos totales, flavonoides y. RESUMEN Los compuestos fenólicos son ubicuos en alimentos de origen vegetal. La alta ingesta de frutas, vegetales y cereales está relacionada con un bajo. This review deals with the oxidation processes induced by light and atmospheric oxygen, as well as the protective action on antioxidant compounds.

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Gastrointestinal absorption and metabolism of hesperetin 7 O rutinoside and hesperetin 7 O glucoside in healthy humans. A convenient and safe O-methylation of flavonoids with dimethyl carbonate DMC. In this sense, bioaccessibility is described as the amount of any food constituent that is released from the food matrix, detectable in the gut, and that may be able to pass through the intestinal barrier Phenolics in Vegetables and their relationship with health Phenolic acids and isocoumarins were the predominant phenolics in carrots 42, The lowest and highest polyphenol contents are shown in bold.

Major phenolics in apple and their contribution to the total antioxidant capacity. The pretreatment of phenolic-rich matrices copuestos polyvinylpolypyrrolidone PVPPa water insoluble synthetic polymer, is described as an efficient way to discriminate between phenolics and non-phenolic reducing fenolicoos when using the Folin-Ciocalteu FC assay to assess total phenolic content in complex matrices Bridi et al.

Results were expressed as quercetin equivalents compuesttos of quercetin equivalent per 1 g of dry weight. Free Radic Biol Med. In cereals, phenolic compounds can be present in the free or bounded form; bound phenolics are mostly attached to arabinosyl chains of cell wall arabinoxylans 5, 6.


Among all phenolic compounds, tannins have been major associated to insect attack. For example, ecotypes of Crataegus azarolus collected in different regions of Italy showed variation in the sugar phenolic content of their fruits Bignami et al.

Efectos de cadmio en compuestos fenolicos totales y flavonoides de Euglena gracilis

Characterization of the rutin-metal complex by electrospray ionisation tandem mass spectrometry. Dietary polyphenols and the prevention of diseases. Plant and Soil This modification is achieved by the introduction of hydroxyl functional groups, amino, carboxyl, among others.


Content of phenols was higher that flavonoids Table 1. Olejnik, Kowalska 45 studied the effect of digested purple carrot extract, rich in anthocyanins, on ROS generation and oxidative DNA damage in colon cells.

Additionally, some studies relate apple consumption to lower plasma cholesterol and reduction of risk of cardiovascular disease Further research is necessary to study the specific contribution of flavonoids in the exposure of E.

The fractionation of honey on a XAD-2 column is the most commonly used in published studies. This can diminish or improve their bioaccessibility in the small intestine 29, Phenolic compounds have received considerable attention because their dietary intake is related to lower incidence of chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular diseases. Data were analyzed by Student’s unpaired t -tests.

The biological properties and bioavailability of some phenolicsdepends largely on their release from the food matrix and their subsequent interaction with target tissues. An antioxidant should also have the ability that after scavenging the radical, to form a new radical that is stable enough intramolecular hydrogen bonding on further oxidation The recovery of phenolic acids and flavonoids was variable and depended upon the method employed. It is also mentionedthat, naringenin transport is somewhat ATP-dependent This is the first report of composition and content of phenolic compounds and profile of flavonoids in the flowers of Crataegus spp.

Metabolism of Dietary Phenolic Compounds Phase I biotransformation reactions are oxidation, reduction and hydrolysis. Phenolic compounds are thought to be responsible, at least in part, for those health effects. Due to its ecological and commercial importance, this flagellate has been extensively used in the last few decades to study the effects of heavy metals in the environment Cervantes-Garcia et al. Such study may answer the question of whether previously reported concentration values vary as a result of species, location, seasonality, or research methodology.

Enhancing antioxidant activity and extractability of bioactive compounds of wheat bran using thermal treatments: The bioavailability and absorption of anthocyanins: Porrini M, Riso P.

Quillaja saponaria is one of the most emblematic flower honeys from Chile, both for its abundance and sensory characteristics Montenegro et al. Most of these bound phenolic compounds are located in the aleurone layer, but can also found in seed and embryos The effects of whole-grain cereals on postprandial insulin and plasma triglyceride concentrations might explain the relationship between consumption of cereals and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


Actividad antioxidante de los compuestos fenólicos [1993]

The daily consumption of grapefruit and orange juice has shown to decrease diastolic blood pressure 31, Isolation, identification and antioxidant activity of bound phenolic compounds present in rice fenollcos.

This increased polarity facilitates the excretion of xenobiotics through urine feenolicos, Nonetheless, this study will focus only in 2 groups: Quantification of total flavonoids An aliquot of the ethanolic extract 0.

According to Phippsthere are difficult taxonomic problems in Mexican Crataegus. Phenolic compounds in hawthorn Crataegus grayana fruits and leaves and changes during fruits ripening. However, in the present study our results suggest that production of phenolic and flavonoid compounds by E.

In this sense, some in vitro properties of apple polyphenols have been elucidated, among these: Furthermore, the application of PVPP pretreatment in the separated extracts indicated an important influence of non-phenolic reducing compounds in the polyphenolic content measured by the FC method.

On the other hand, phenolic acids could have different transport mechanisms since they possess different chemical structures and properties.

Biodisponibilidad de compuestos fenólicos dietéticos: revisión

Molecules as proteins, lipids or DNA, are known to function as a target for these free radicals, which may lead to a deteriorative process called oxidation 2, Bioavailability is related to other compuetsos concepts bioaccessibility and bioactivity.

Nonetheless, bioactive claims are made without taking into consideration the further modifications to which phenolic compounds are subjected once ingested. The analyses were carried out in triplicate Chang et al. Carocho M, Ferreira IC. Efectos de cadmio en compuestos fenolicos totales y flavonoides de Euglena gracilis.