Blackness, Colorism, and Epidermalization of Inferiority in Zora Neale Hurston’s Color Struck: A Fanonian Reading of the Play. Article (PDF Available) · January. She treats them poorly solely for the color of their skin and because it produced (according to Zora Neale Hurston: Collected Plays edited by. Color Struck. A Play in Four Scenes. Time: Twenty years ago and present. Place: .A Southern City. JOHN- A light brown-skinned The Man. EMMALINE- A Black.

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They ain’t on heah! Music changes to ztruck Down in Georgia. And I wanta taste a piece of that cake on the way back tonight. John catches her shoulder and faces her around.

Color Struck by Zora Neale Hurston

Fervor of spectators grows until all are taking part in some way-either hand-clapping or singing the words. Voice of Master-of-ceremonies can be heard from beyond curtain announcing the pas-me-la contest. I’m crazy to see you. To ask other readers questions about Color Struckplease sign up. Emma represents Hurston’s creation taken to symbolic representation; by dint of the fact that she is black, poor, disenfranchised, and rural, she epitomizes the outsider in every way.


Extends arm to her.

The men, the jobs-everything! Emma assumes that John is only being nice to Lou Lillian because she is half-white. Ah got to git back to mah stoppin’-place after a while. Hudston, during the s, nearly a half a million African Americans left the rural south for the urban north. Naw Ah aint gonna be deceitful an’ bust mah gizzard fuh nobody!

Emma stares at the girl and the bed and seizes a hat from a nail on the wall. She rushes at him again. JOHN slowly, after a long pause. People from Ocala greet others from Palatka, Jacksonville, St.

She draws up the chair. Come on John and Emma. From behind the curtain there are occasional sounds of laughter, a note or two on a stringed instrument or accordion. Soon’s I got in town I hunted up Struc and he told me how to find you. Make a light quick so I can see how you look. Some clap time with hands and feet. People come in by twos and three, laughing, joking, horse-plays, gauchily flowered dresses, small waists, bulging hips and 1wsts, hats worn far back on the head, etc.


The hand on the seat touches colorr shoulder and she thrusts it away. She, won’t need nothing while I’m gone, John. At curtain they have reached frenzy.

Color Struck – Wikipedia

Couples take yo’ places! Make a light an’ Ah’ll show you her pictcher.

One of the Men standing, lifting his “plug” in a grand The Manner. De darker de berry, de sweeter de taste!

Color Struck

She laughs just as he kisses her again and there is a resounding smack which causes the crowd to laugh. John Turner in place of Miss Emmaline Beazeley. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I got to go 1 1 been practising almost a year-l-we done come all the way down here. Here, take some money and get a good doctor. Sure Ah do-think Ah’d come all de way down here for nothin’?