Aligning COBIT® , ITIL® V3 and ISO/IEC for Business Benefit November No Login Required; COBIT Mapping: Mapping of ITIL V3 With COBIT. Disclaimer ITGI has designed COBIT Mapping: Mapping of ITIL v3 With COBIT (the Work) primarily as an educational resource for control professionals. Mapping of ITIL v3 with COBIT® is planned to be be published on the ISACA website before the end of the first quarter of

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The organisation needs an effective action plan that suits its particular circumstances and needs. AuditNet is an online portal for auditors. Compliance deals with complying with those laws, regulations and contractual arrangements to which the business process is subject, i.

New Guidance from ITGI Maps COBIT With ITIL v3

PO5 Manage the IT investment. It offers online, real-time surveys, frequently asked questions, benchmarking and a discussion facility for sharing experiences and questions. These attributes can be used for more comprehensive assessment, gap analysis and improvement planning. It identifies availability management, capacity management, continuity management and security management as key elements used in the design of the services to be provided.

The contents of this site are unmoderated submissions from authenticated and unauthenticated users. Submitted by Glen on Wed, Hmm disagreeing with some of Hmm disagreeing with some of my favourite contributors – this should be fun. Enter your search terms Web itskeptic. AI3 Acquire and maintain technology infrastructure. Please enable javascript or switch to a javascript-enabled browser to access full functionality and content. Service Transition ST Illustrates how the requirements of previous stages strategy and design are realised and how capabilities for the ongoing delivery of a service can be maintained.


The outcome of the information delivered and used is measured against the indicators defined in the planning phase check.

The OGC was commissioned to develop a methodology for efficient and effective use of IT resources within the British government. You can probably cite exceptions to this, but my personal experience is that IT is a cost center to be regulated by accounting or otherwise kept in check by management.

There is also a reference to the clause of the standard provided in brackets. Value delivery is addressed in two ways. They are reference frameworks for me: Since it will include professional certifications and more importantly organisational certification, this must be seen as competitive I find that CobiT gives me far more traction in the boardroom, and with senior management.

Share this post with. Submitted by JamesFinister on Tue, The predictability of services and service delivery warranty needs improvement. You have confirmed that COBIT is just what you have to do; PO07 I mentioned in the context that in my experience I never seen an IT department taking full ownership of what is in there – that is in my opinion the reason of a lot of issues you have mentioned, because somedody else HR is claming that they do when in fact doesn’t happen.

Mapping of ITILv3 With COBIT PDF

PO2 Define the information architecture. Service Strategy SS Covers the strategic planning of service management capabilities and the alignment of service and business strategies. The mapping is performed in two layers. Use of any trademarks on this website is not intended in any way to infringe on the mappnig of the trademark holder.

It outlines four key processes: Nevertheless I took them at their word and rated whether there was a complete -ishpartial mappinv no match for each COBIT practice in order to come to the conclusions above. This, of course, unless we all are competing consultants. If the function is responsible to fulfil the requirements, thorough knowledge should be ensured, but if the function is accountable or involved otherwise consulted or informedan overview should be mappkng.


Jump to information on financially supporting T2P projects. We’ll have to break ISO up too I guess as it is obviously too big and unspecialised CobiT provides tangible outputs and controls to look for, evaluate and improve.

Mapping of ITIL v3 With COBIT® 4.1

Cobut Ray 3 years ago Views: ME2 Monitor and evaluate internal control. Glenn, I totally agree with Glenn, I totally agree with you on this. ITIL is by definition common practice drawn from industry, so the concepts of ITIL are not defensible under copyright, only the exact wording is. No part of this publication may be published, reproduced.

Examination Institute for Information Science Janssoenborch. Purpose of the Document On the beginning of Mapoing I wrote a small post about this mapping in my blog, but this is a Spanish blog so I have a few visitors there.

This mapping does not contain all of the details of ITIL v3. AI4 Enable operation and use.

Some resources also include links to directly download the resource. In the audit world, CobiT is already established as the standard to conit. Submitted by David Ratcliffe not verified on Tue, I think the marketplace would be delighted A combination is not an impossibility.