An introduction to Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca. Learn about the book and the historical context in which it was written. Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition. Add to Goodreads. The New World story of the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca in his own words. This riveting true story. The Narváez expedition was a Spanish journey of exploration and colonization started in .. Lalami explains that nothing is known about him except for one line in Cabeza de Vaca’s chronicle: “The fourth [survivor] is Estevanico, an Arab.

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Not until the second week of March, when a storm created large seas, were they able to escape the shoals.

Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition

He also describes the Indians’ clothing and organization, noting: Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Most of the expedition’s men were soldiers, chiefly from Spain and Portugal, including some of mixed African descent, and some 22 from Italy. Though all of their possessions were lost and he and his companions often lacked food and water, they were able to adapt to the environment as well as many aspects of the Indian way of life. On the second trek inland a few tye later, a small party captures four Indians, who take the group to their village.

Modern Language Association http: Collecting fresh water from the river, they try to near the river’s shore but are unsuccessful because of the sea’s movement. Yet, in spite of the conventional political purpose of the narrative, Cabeza de Vaca produces something unique, redefining Eurocentric notions of humanity and culture while placing Old and New Worlds on a near egalitarian footing.


More men died as the expedition traveled west along the unexplored Gulf Coast of the present-day United States and into the American Southwest. narvadz

Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition | Introduction & Overview

He was among epxedition first white men to see bison, and he writes about the many Indian tribes he encountered and lived with, their social customs, and the local land, flora, and fauna. Scott Pollard, “Canonizing Revision: During the march, some of the caballeros talked about stealing their horses and abandoning everyone else. The party agreed and started action on August 4, If they did not adhere to the “successes” of their own preceding generations, neither did they want to be mere adherents to the mainstream.

While the actions of Cabeza de Vaca and narvwez companions are motivated by their drive to survive, their actions and circumstances change them as well.

Other Spanish explorations of North America followed. Retrieved from ” https: Reviewing a new translations of the text, a critic in the National Geographic Adventure comments, “The book is as exciting and short as the trip was arduous and long. They constructed a forge out of a log and used deerskins for the bellows. The version of the Chronicle became more widely read. The author describes what they find in the village, including a significant amount of corn.

Oviedo decides not to stay on but teh to return with some women of the Deaguanes Indians. Two waves across the bow overturn the boat, drowning several men. Some critics believe that the Chronicle was more a novel than a factual account, especially the edition.


The Indians tell them about a distant place called Apalache, which has a great deal of gold and other valuables.

The ships sailed, hugging the coast and looking for their captain and crew for chronicel year, then returned home. Lalami explains that nothing is known about him except for one line in Cabeza de Vaca’s chronicle: They soon realized they were being accompanied by hostile natives.

Cabeza de Vaca reports that the Indians want og to leave, but they do not do anything about it except to leave themselves. The expedition plans to take some of these Indians as guides and go there.

Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca | : Books

They are followed by groups of Indians, who steal from the new Indians they encounter. Cabeza de Vaca was trying to convince his king to name him governor of La Florida, but the position went to Hernando de Soto. After a week of sailing along the coast, they encounter Indians in canoes near an island. Teodoro takes a black man from the expedition and some containers for water; and the Indians leave two of their own as hostages. These Indians advise them not to travel north, because food is so scarce they will not eat for weeks if they go that way.