maternal mortality Govt. of Gujarat launched scheme called Chiranjeevi Yojana ( CY) in Dec. Shortage of obstetricians in rural areas of India. The research. Background The Chiranjeevi Yojana (CY) is a Public-Private-Partnership between the state and private obstetricians in Gujarat, India, since. Effect of Chiranjeevi Yojana on institutional deliveries and neonatal and maternal outcomes in Gujarat, India: a difference-in-differences analysis.

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Our findings suggest that private practitioners share some common concerns about participating in this performance-based financing scheme. The authors also thank Vardaan Consultants—Vadodara and Dr. The total number of deliveries in Dahod district was about 41, during assuming a crude birth rate of Additional expenditure incurred by the Chiranjeevi clients on medicines for self and child was, on average, Rs District profile The population of Dahod was yjoana, in when the study was hojana.

Participants expressed a tension between doing public good and making a profit.

Chiranjeevi Yojna for girls for the pregnant women belonging to below poverty line(BPL)

Referrals made by the private care providers should be analyzed to ensure that they are not doing so to avoid more expensive treatments. In India a lack of access to emergency obstetric care contributes to maternal deaths.

The whole exercise of field survey took about two months. Strategies for reducing maternal mortality: Group 1 is yjoana more backward, has more tribal population, and geographically in the east of the state. He is from Pune. Code of Ethics Regulations, The proportion of population without any work is marginally higher in district 2 [20]. Mavalankar1 Prabal V. Rs 1, paid to the care provider per case basis. Can public-private partnerships improve chiranjwevi in India?


Understanding this could lead to improvements in CY and better design and implementation of future public-private partnerships for widening access to services for underprivileged groups.

Government should give full protection in case of complications.

There was a clear sense that clinically difficult cases cluster in CY because of the socioeconomic background of the beneficiaries, and this deterred providers from participating.

This is done by providing financial protection to these families and covering their out-of-pocket costs incurred on travel to reach the healthcare facility.

A study on factors Page 9 of 13 for and against participation in the Chiranjeevi scheme by private sector obstetricians, unpublished. Many factors influence the persistence of this gap, including low chirwnjeevi, poor infrastructure, and few incentives for obstetricians to join government services in rural areas. We feel that overall quality of the data has not been compromised.

In most cases these requests were for individuals who were not eligible for CY, or who were not able to produce the necessary documents. Not surprisingly, practitioners who had dropped out of the scheme were more willing to talk about this, whereas those remaining in the scheme raised the same issues but were more guarded in their descriptions: We identified six main themes that help to explain private practitioner decisions to participate in the CY scheme, the important influences on their decision making, and their experiences of participating in the scheme.

Department chidanjeevi International Development; Additional source s of funding: Correspondence and reprint requests should be addressed to: Indian Institute of Management; Open cyiranjeevi a separate window. They are always suspicious about private doctors. This need for targeted promotion extends to another serious concern, that obstetricians sometimes find ways to maximise profits out of the reimbursement package, some actively avoiding complicated cases which require more costly delivery, blood transfusion or longer hospital stays.


Panchayat Department | Chiranjivi yojana

The Government of Gujarat should consider expanding the scheme and its coverage to people who are just above the poverty-line. Indian Institute of Management; This would negate the purpose of CY, which is to enable poor women to access functioning maternity services. As our study found in this context, junior doctors starting out in their practice and doctors in rural areas who face less competition for patients find the scheme more suited to their aims and objectives, and are more likely to hciranjeevi the scheme satisfactorily.

Bureaucratic procedures and perceptions of programme misuse seemed to influence providers to withdraw from the programme or not participate at all. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Maternal Healthcare Financing: Gujarat’s Chiranjeevi Scheme and Its Beneficiaries

Details of the financial package for the Chiranjeevi scheme 7. Vishal Hule is Software Engineer by profession and political enthusiast too.

This scheme chrianjeevi poor women to deliver in a healthcare facility; for many, it is likely that they have accessed health services at an institution for the first time.