General liability insurance shall be with limits of not less than $5,, per occurrence, an aggregate limit of not less than $5,, within. Standard Construction Document CCDC 2 – GENERAL CONDITIONS OF THE STIPULATED PRICE CONTRACT. PART 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS. The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (“CCDC”) has now released the long awaited CCDC 2 – Stipulated Price Contract.

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Cash allowances are recommended where it is impossible to clearly define the scope of a particular item of work, where it is difficult for bidders to accurately estimate the cost of a particular item of work or where access to certain building systems may limit the bidding competition. The Attorney General can also appoint Commissioners pursuant to this Act, which is typically the Commissioners of Oaths present in construction associations.

The last sentence of paragraph 6. There are now significant changes to the indemnification, waiver of claims and warranty claims setting out specific time limitations for which claims can be made or whether they are waived.

Construction Files

Purchase a registration number from a document outlet 2. Recent examples in our province can be drawn from tenders for civil construction projects where preference is given to contractors who hire Aboriginal workers or who engage in Joint Venture with Aboriginal companies.

What has been built is a seamless system that has the capability to eventually include everyone in the contrsct chain from material suppliers bidding to subsubcontractors through to the general contractors bidding to owners. It can be downloaded from the following link — Get Adobe Acrobat Reader. What should I do? Specific shop drawings must be listed in the construction documents.


Please contact customerservices lexology. We will advise of those changes at a later date.

Therefore, in order to keep the project moving toward completion, the contractual provisions governing changes must be fair as well as effective in encouraging the timely resolution of cost and time issues.

Existing seals for the document may be exchanged for the new document. On the projects where it has been used it has been effective in educating contractors of the risks of onerous stipjlated conditions.

Stipulated price contract: the new CCDC 2 – Lexology

The original information is still relevant but stipupated in the industry are having an impact that must be noted. Generally, where the tender documents expressly permit negotiation, negotiation is only permissible so long as it is consistent with what is expressly provided in the tender documents.

To attract contractors to bid your project and to ensure you are maximizing the competition, we recommend the following Generally the ability of the Contractor to secure the necessary bonds is the sole criteria by which Contractors should be pre-qualified.

Since the early days of Building Exchanges, facilitating and managing public construction bids has been a focal point for construction associations. CCDC Documents are relied on as familiar industry standards stipilated their fairness and balance for all parties involved in a construction project. At a quick glance, the CCDC 2 Stipulated Price Contract appears similar to the CCDC 2 Stipulated Price Contract, but there are significant and substantial changes that require the careful review by all parties to the contract to make sure that the new terms and conditions of the contract accord with the requirements of the project.

Such an outcome creates the potential for unfairness or misuse of public funds. Providing Planholder Lists to members is a core service provided for decades by the Construction Associations all across Canada. Fundamentally, it is rooted in our policy on Freedom of Enterprise which is that we support an economic and political system based shipulated individual freedom and the competitive free enterprise sy.


Not only can budget concerns jeopardize the potential for a project proceeding, where it does proceed there may be costly over-budget negotiations or a re-bidding of the project. There has been a lot of discussion regarding the positive amount of construction on the books and being planned for British Columbia over the next few years.

CCDC 2 – 2008 Stipulated Price Contract (Including CCDC 41 ‘CCDC Insurance Requirements’)

BCCA and its regional associations recognize the need for pre-qualification on publicly funded projects only in limited circumstances. The existing document will no longer be published as of July 1, My registration number does not work.

In a nut shell, it is because of the subjectivity of the process. Why is stiplated that BCCA is adamantly opposed to pre-qualification of contractors as general practice? One of the mandates of the Council is to maintain guidelines which promote open, fair and transparent bidding. These project teams typically involve an owner who is the buyer of construction services from a general contractor, who in turn employs sub-contractors and often sub-sub-contractors.

Follow Please login to follow content. In providing a price, contractors expect that the contract documents are complete and reflect the project requirements, and that any changes, errors or omissions from the documents will lead to a change order with commensurate adjustment to both the contract price and duration.