The Catachan Jungle Fighters (also known in the bodybuilding industry as the ABhumans and Diet Spess mehreens) are a Regiment of the Imperial Guard from . Sep 12, Explore Steve Beachler’s board “Catachan Jungle Fighters” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about 40k imperial guard, Persona and Rogue traders. Tales From Farpoint: Catachan Jungle Fighters 40k Imperial Guard, Game Painted 40K: Catachan Jungle Fighter, Painted by Phil Moss Warhammer 40k Rpg.

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This seeming contradiction can be explained by the simple matter of fighers — natives of Catachan are so accustomed to danger that their responses, while appearing foolhardy, are honed by practice and a perpetual, careful awareness of their surroundings. However, their daring and aggression have been employed in other ways, with armoured regiments hailing from Catachan in the past.

Assuming you live long enough to enjoy them.

Catachan Jungle FIghter

As born survivors, these courageous people have endured growing up on one of the most dangerous and perilous Death Worlds in the galaxy. The Catachan Jungle Fighters take special pride in their officers, who fight side-by-side with their rank and file troops, sharing in their suffering on the battlefield.

Retrieved from ” http: This, of course, is only their secondary function, as their primary value is in disrupting and slowing an enemy’s advance into certain areas. Individuality is prized amongst the Catachan infantry regiments, known as Jungle Fighters, and only a handful of traditions are treated as sacrosanct, such as the wearing of red bandanas that symbolise the blood oath sworn by each newly founded regiment.

Catachan’s armoured regiments are similarly renowned for the destruction they unleash. In time, their skill at surviving on Catachan came to the notice of the Munitorum, which realised that the Catachans would make excellent Astra Militarum troops dedicated to service in some of the galaxy’s most hostile planetary environments, and the first regiments of the Catachan Jungle Fighters were raised. Commissar Yarrick quite rightly assumed that due to the Catachan’s upbringing on one of the harshest Death Worlds in the galaxy, they would be more than capable of taking on the Feral Orks in this region, even on their home ground.

  AS1684 PART 4 PDF

Because of this, Catachans have a well-deserved reputation as the deadliest jungle-warfare experts in the galaxy. Artist — John Blanche Released — The Catachan 26th was among the regiments who fought against the Tau on the world of Cytheria.

In jungle terrain they are unsurpassed, with each Catachan being worth ten of any other regiment, and those skills learnt in the jungle are easily adapted to other war zones.

A unit of Catachans. The colonists only barely survived, holed up in their spacecraft against a living, besieging jungle, a battle for survival in which undoubtedly many of them died before they finally managed to learn enough about their new homeworld to survive, if not thrive, beneath its jungle canopies.

With Chenkov and Al’rahem’s removal they’re also the only source of non-Cadian or Commissariat special characters in the codex. This obviously caused some jealousy with the Ork Hunters, and a bitter rivalry has existed ever since. However, it is relatively simple to improvise a variety of basic traps from natural materials catacham commonly available ammunition. In this campaign had risen the Colonel Paseskiwho was Lieutenant at that time but after the death of catcahan commanding officers of 22nd and th Orbital Assault Group took command of both units during the evacuation of Joogunda Prime’s capital.

A well-honed Catachan combat blade is not only a tool and weapon amongst these soldiers, but also a sign of status. It is also used for settling disputes between Catachans. Catachan regiments generally lack Commissars.

Enemy commanders wise enough to observe their past mistakes quickly learn to be wary of these and other tactics used by the wily Catachan Jungle Fighters, but even the best preparations can rarely withstand a sufficient volume of carefully placed high explosive.


Catachan raises dozens of regiments for the Astra Militarum every year, their skills honed to a knife-edge upon the world of their birth.

Catachan Jungle Fighters – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

To survive, children often learn to shoot before they can walk, and must be deadly fighters in their own right by the time most humans have learned to spell. As a catacahn the Catachans often went for weeks without contacting base. Catachan itself has little need for a Planetary Defence Forcethe world’s flora and fauna being sufficiently deadly to thwart almost all invaders without the need for human intervention, and so most Catachan Guardsmen are instead recruited from amongst the population of hunters, skilled trackers, and combatants, used juungle clearing the encroaching jungle and driving off or slaying the beasts that would threaten the small, short-lived human settlements.

On their homeworld, Catachans maintain strong tribal traditions and catacnan, and this carries over to the regiments drawn from the Death World.

Most of the troops stationed in Cerbera learned to sleep through this horrendous noise over several painful solar weeks. Sentinel teams from the regiment destroyed the Ork’s hidden stompa factory. During this campaign, the entire regiment was issued rebreathers as the deep alien jungles of Cytheria periodically erupted in poisonous sporepod blooms. Those Catachans who reach adulthood are natural survivors, invariably some of the hardiest and deadliest souls in the Imperium. In time, their skill at surviving on Catachan came to the notice of the Departmento Munitorumwhich realised that the Catachans would make excellent Astra Militarum troops dedicated to service in some of the galaxy’s most hostile planetary environments, and the first regiments of the Catachan Jungle Fighters were raised.