The study summarized in this paper attempts an analysis of the Form and Function of the language in Harold Pinter’s play, The Caretaker. It aims to establish. This play was first performed in Harold Pinter specializes in the tragicomedy of the breakdown of communication, broadly in the tradition of the theatre of. The Caretaker by Harold Pinter. “The Caretaker is .. permutated become platitudinous, trite, meaningless” – Harold Pinter. 5 advice: don’t worship the text.

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This gas stove work, do it? Listen … if I … got down … if I was to … get my papers … would you … would you let … would you … if I got down … and got my. I never go into them now. Why, someone after you? Then Aston not only loses questioning ability but also fails even to communicate properly.

You took me in. Aston not only rescues him from cafe fight but also places him in sound position as needed for Davies.

You took me on here as caretaker. The character like Aston needs the company of someone.

ASTON stares at him. I went into another room and saw two people sitting down, and a few years later I wrote The Birthday Party. Where you going to go? I can see him, you see, I can see him through the blanket. They tell you who I am. Uarold could be buggered as easy as that, man.


It is not clear in the beginning of the play where from Davies comes and it is not also evident where Davies goes at the end of the play.

I was one of the irst over there. Where do you live now, then? What am I going to do? The productions received generally strong reviews. He does not take revenge of the society. Harold Pinter specializes in the tragicomedy of the breakdown of communication, broadly in the tradition of the theatre of the absurds and this is demonstrated in both this play and The Birthday Party. He also picked up locales. His efforts to appease the ever-complaining Davies may be seen as an attempt to reach out to others.

The Caretaker

Crossing to him and taking it. Sleep here last night? A drip sounds in the bucket overhead. The term isolation is different from solitude. Even if I was supposed to take out the bucket, who was this git to come up and give me orders?

The Caretaker: Educational Text – Harold Pinter – Google Books

He holds the pile and faretaker the papers back into place. He picks up the Buddha and looks at it. They got a boy there for taking out the bucket. The fact is that mentally retarded person can be cured properly by emotional attachment along with medical treatment. Come on then, who are you? Eight hundred odd for this room or three thousand down for the whole upper storey. MICK stares at him.


This educational edition is designed for students. He adjusts aspects of the story of his life according to the people he is hharold to impress, influence, or manipulate. Skip to main content. He had certain doubts about such things in life. Well, they can do, anyway, until I get another pair. Give me my trousers then. You mean … I can stay here? From his first marriage he has a son who is a writer and musician.

ASTON goes to his bed, and puts on his trousers.

More or less exactly what you. Below this a pile of old newspapers. However, Mick does not stay with his brother and leaving everything in charge of Aston, he goes. Is that a fact? Look at it this way. When he gets the chance to end it, he tries to dominate it. His old mum was still living at the Angel.

However one thing is quite clear that Davies was isolated and is isolated.