Florence, Santa Croce, La Camerata Fiorentina, Dramatically Beautiful, Luxurious, Historical. Camerata-Living-to-Dining Yes, really, opera was invented in the s in the main room of La Camerata Fiorentina apartment by a group of. La Camerata Florentina (Camerata Bardi, en italiano: Camerata Fiorentina o Camerata de’ Bardi) fue un grupo de humanistas, músicos, poetas e intelectuales .

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Florentine Camerata – Wikipedia

The New Harvard Dictionary of Music. Music Theory Translation Series. Van der Rohe, Eames, Le Corbusier, matching a precious 17th century florentinz and two Medieval terracotta statues. Bardi wrote the Discorsoa long letter to Giulio Caccini, and Galilei published the Dialogo della musica antica et della moderna — The data florrntina provide will be used solely to respond to your request and, with your consent, for subscription to the Newsletter.

The members of Bardi’s circle may not have recognized the full importance of their labors, as no one named the group until Caccini’s label in The Florentine Camerataalso known as the Camerata de’ Bardiwere a group of humanistsmusicians, vlorentina and intellectuals in late Renaissance Florence who gathered under the patronage of Count Giovanni de’ Bardi to discuss and guide trends in cxmerata arts, especially music and drama.

The term “camerata” is entirely a new construct coined by the members of Bardi’s circle, although apparently based on the Italian word for “chamber”, cameraa term used for a room where important meetings were held.

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There is also an English speaking porter and video security system which ensures the best security and privacy. It is sq. Not included in the price: Creator of Modern Music.

It is the job of the composer to communicate the affetto into an audible, comprehensible sound.

Three of the finest and most expensive restaurants, Cibreo, Pinchiorri and Alle Murate are located nearby. Bauhaus period furniture are from the best designers: Palazzo Bardi was built in by Brunelleschi. There is also a guest toilet, washer and drier corner. Instead of an immediate decline in contrapuntal vocal music, there was a time of coexistence and then an eventual synthesis of monody and polyphony.


For those choosing an apartment in this area Santa Croce offers several food stores, supermarkets, laundrettes and individual gift shops as well as being adequately served by the local public transport service.

Included in the price: Florsntina the mezzanine level, overlooking the lower level you will find: It can also be rented for photo shoots, meetings and weddings. Optional Services Catering and assistance for private meeting and events, daily breakfast and international press basket, food and drinks on demand, flowers, baby-sitter, laundry, chef and waiter service, valet parking, en-suite wine tasting and italian cooking lesson, limousine service, personal shopper, porsche carrera 4s cabrio for private use.

Castiglioni, Flos and Cameraata lighting gives to the place a very special atmosphere in the evening. The Florentine Camerata, led by Count Bardi was a group of scientists and other important scholars of musical theory, among whom Vincenzo Galilei, father of Galileo. Welcome champagnefood and fruit basket.

Send an enquiry Your request floreentina been sent. By night, Santa Croce becomes one of the liveliest parts of town and with its cmaerata streets and illuminated buildings it transforms into the perfect venue for an after-dinner glass of wine cxmerata evening stroll.

Music in History

Bardi, Galilei, and Caccini left writings expounding their ideas. Tourist tax of 3. The Florentine Camerata is located on the Piano Nobile first floor, second floor in America, no lift, 30 steps to climb. In his formative florenitna, Vincenzo Galilei was trained in music theory by the famed Gioseffo Zarlino. Florence, Rome, and Venice became the Italian capitals of innovation and synthesis.

Utilities, final cleaning, towels and sheets provided, condominium fees, and agency fees.

All clients staying in the apartment will be required upon arrival to provide a valid credit card as a guarantee for the security deposit for the amount of 4.


What is more, the kitchen equipment and internal systems are state of the art. Galilei once marked that Bardi aided noblemen in the study of music.

La Camerata Fiorentina

Instead, L’Euridice, his second opera is most-often heralded as the history-making work. APE energy certification level: Caccini also is known to have performed several of his own songs which were more or less chanted melodically over a simple chordal accompaniment.

Cleaning staff 4 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sleeping in the Cradle of Opera: The Rise of Opera. On the lower level you will find: Your true luxury home from home and just a few meters from all the main sites and attractions that the wonderful city of Flornetina has to offer.

Available for rent starting from three night minimum.

In this way it facilitated the composition of dramatic music and the development of opera. The floors are resin and the cwmerata wonderful authentic decorative wooden panels. The Camerata’s view on counterpoint and monody did not rise to prominence without opposition.

Florentine Camerata – Music in History

Prior to the Camerata’s inception, there existed a popular sentiment among the Camerata’s Renaissance contemporaries that music should mimic the ancient roots of the Greeks.

Windows On Italy requests your consent to the processing of personal data for profiling purposes in order to offer you personalized offers. Retrieved from ” https: Other composers quickly began to incorporate the ideas of the Camerata into their music, and by the first decade of the seventeenth century the new “music drama” was being widely composed, performed and disseminated.

Arrival date Departure date. Kitchen equipment and internal systems are state of the art: