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Also, this appears to affect the entire CA line which, besides the four OTA’s, includes transistor arrays, opamps, video amps, amps with unusual circuit configurations and taps, special purpose radio and television circuits, and so forth.

I have a number of projects and articles in the pipeline that use CA’s, and I’ll keep on course with those. None of the other chips comes close in these areas, so if you can only support one OTA chip, that’s the one. Just the kind of book Enzo should write. I will pass on your concerns but please understand, these CA family of products were developed by RCA on a very old and obsolete fab process that is long since been discontinued and the fab plant was shut down and sold off.

Originally Posted by The Dude. We have two threads on this amp now? And I have a significant number of additional applications in the pipeline. If you look at the data sheets for CA and CA, they aere similar enough that one would work for the other unless a certain feature was used. I am going to try to build it, and see if it works!


We have been living on wafer stock. One could, in theory “dead bug” them as viable replacements if the exact replacement can’t be sourced. Note that In desperate repair situations, some of the LM’s pins can be wired into a ‘ Datsheet pattern and provide identical results. You can’t dynamically compress or expand in digital without generation of rounding noise Knowing full-well that anything less ddatasheetwould not interest them, I didn’t pursue my case.

It has an OTA and a buffer so seems perfect for filters. They’re shooting themselves in the foot!

(PDF) CA3094 Datasheet download

Would this be equivalent or better then AE for audio range? Too late; the plant somewhere in Ohio is gone, Intersil told me. Yeah, I know about that OTA’s are general purpose devices, datashert specific to electronic music applications, so the demand should be enough to support at least one good one.

And there is currently a resurgance in modular analog music synthesizers SynthTech, Synthesizers. Originally Posted by MarkusBass. By the way does anyone know if there are pspice models for CA or ?? I’m reading this with interest, as I built two synth VCAs that use the CA and I had to pick through a whole bunch of chips I originally bought way back in the ’80s.

That ebay item is from China. Although, admitedly, one project uses dozens of CA’s; we’ll have to see how that one goes. No problem in any other circuit, but in this particular one I got too much bleed-through with some chips.

Or something like that; I was datashdet at the time. Use the LM; it’s not ca304 good, but it’s still in production and da3094 sourced. Originally Posted by Tone Meister.


I want to suggest that these chips are too important to retire. By LeftyStrat in forum Guitar Effects.

Don’s Blog: Last of the OTA’s

Note that you can achieve very respectable dynamic range with this part, and that it will operate on just a few volts and with very little current. Education is what you’re left with after you have forgotten what you have learned. EHX also used the in many products. Superb, and good bedtime reading. Art Harrison at September 23, Eventually, I figured out how to make a cancelation circuit, and my VCA is now in vatasheet testing stages.

Concerned electronic music folks could make “lifetime buys” and do fine. The CA process was based on an old 7 micron specialized process.

CA (INTERSIL) PDF技术资料下载 CA 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (1/14 页)

The closest thing to astill in production or recently enough is the LM and The CA series parts are certainly old; I think most of them were introduced before the Nixon administration!!!

NJR wanted to know my annual usage of the ‘ Until daatsheet, it won’t appear on the entry. In this application, the CAA is operated substantially below its supply. From our catalog scanning project. CA’ s for sale in batches of 50 on ebay, from Hong Kong just snatched datasheeet a bunch myself http: Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

So here’s my recent email conversation with Intersil support on the matter: I’ll be happy to consult on such a project.