TECHNICAL MANUAL – HOW TO USE. The KLOZURE® Mechanical Seal Technical Manual is designed to facilitate product selection and to give you the most. our design are intended to be fitted in one machine or BURGMANN mechanical seals and spare parts are super finished and repeatedly. Figure Balanced reversed seal for slurries Courtesy of Burgmann industries GmbH & Co KG Figure shows two versions of the same seal design.

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When an integralstationary seat stop is fitted, the quenchpressure should not exceed 1 bar.

The leakage from the first gasseal stage is discharged to the flare fordisposal. Secondary sealsmade of Burgmann Statotherm. In standstill modethe seal and the shaft are in contact witheach other and have a good static seal-ing effect. The same arrangements are possible for the rotating seal face.

There isno dynamic O-ring and therefore a bel-lows seal will never hang-up. It is equallysuitable for the conversion of centrifugalpumps previously fitted with conventionalseals or packings as for the standardi-zation of original equipment. Thanks to a combination of speciallydimensioned gas inlet grooves and theGSS buffer gas supply system, theBurgmann AGS Agitator Gas Seal nowguarantees a stable gas film between thesliding faces even at low sliding veloci-ties see the diagram “Lifting curve”.

PTFEProtective pipe for piston rod: A distributor unit for supplying twomechanical seals in between bearingpumps. Double seals according to API Plan Thesprings are product protected. A quick-release cou-pling should be used to connectthe pressure gas to the vessel.


Segmented high duty salt-impregnatedElectrographite Carbon ring. Technical dataPermissible operating pressure: Designed as a tubular heatexchanger, the WED is outstanding for its high cooling capacity yet compactdimensions. Thedifference is the pressure boo-ster is creating the buffer pres-sure without a nitrogen supply. To prevent damage to the TS and sealingsystem, due allowance must be made forthe coefficients of volumetric expansionof the buffer fluids used. V-groovesThe V-grooves convey the gas by a rotarymovement between the sliding faces.

V, E, K, U1Components: The coolingmedium is ambient air.

All the technical references are based on extensive tests and our many years of experience. The tandem arrangement provides deaign par-ticularly high degree of operational safety. Quenching fluidsystems are employed: We make every effort to understand the difficulties.

The solid seal face ishard-coated and welded to the bellows. Your partner for sealing technology worldwide Applications About us as a supplier. Mechanical shaft seal types and sealing systems Chapter 2 Mechanical shaft seal types and sealing systems 1. The measuring unit consists of a pressu-re gauge NG with a burgamnn shut- offvalve in accordance with DINabi-metallic thermometer gauge with pro-tective sleeve, and a connector.

Remove AC power from decoder. Sockets with recessed gasket no con-tamination of the circuit by threadsealant.

Plan 53External fluid reservoir,pressurized, thermo-syphon or forced circu-lation as required. The carcinogens are classified in: Flushing is used either to lower thetemperature or to prevent deposits for-ming in the dedign of the mechanical seal.

Single seals,cooled, according to API Plan 21, 22, 23, 32, 41, 53 or The spray water is first cleanedby a mm filter. It also scores highmarks for resistance to burggmann and erosion aswell as for its emergency running characteristics. Single seals,cooled, according to API Plan 21, 22, 23, 32, 41, 53 or A buffer gas, e. Features Contact-free operation with aero-dyna-mic groove pattern.


TSThermosiphon vessel with flat ends,sight-glass for level monitoring and incor-porated cooling coil.

Burgmann Design Manual – [PDF Document]

Particularlywith natural circulation, the levelshould always be higher than therising pipe to maintain the circu-lation and to provide the speci-fied cooling capacity. The refill pump consists of a storage ves-sel with level indicator, filler neck and ahand pump.

HRCNFwith pumping screw dependent on di-rection of rotation. You should alwayscontact your Burgmann representative before making your final decision.

Burgmann Seal Design Manual 15-3

It is designed for applications invol-ving large shaft dimensions of up to dw mm or fairly high pressure levels ofup to 40 bar. Explanations to columns 1 to Highly recommended for du-ties with media containing solids eg.

Bangladesh Visa fees for foreign nationals No. Fitting dimensions in accor-dance with DIN Part 1 are possible. The seal is buffered withclean inert gas to ensure reliable opera-tion. Plan 13Circulation from theseal chamber, throughan orifice and back topmp suction.

CGS as a safety sealTandem arrangement with pressure control for media with a gaseous leakage.