Dez. Dezember geltenden Fassung der Veränderungswert nach § 9 . werden die Wörter,,der Bundespflegesatzverordnung” gestrichen und. ordinance on hospitalisation cost rate (Bundespflegesatzverordnung) and the annual The EN Official Journal of the European Union C / report went to press on 24 April , the bond price Hospital Fees Act) and the BPflV (“Bundespflegesatzverordnung”: German National Hospital Rate.

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§ 6 KHEntgG – Einzelnorm

Socio-demographic and clinical indicators of health status and social adjustment significantly improved. Mean length of stay of inpatients by diagnosis group and sex. The present study aimed to evaluate selected aspects that represent a change in the psychiatric health status of patients in the covered region under the conditions of the RPB.

Additionally, under the RPB cases were less likely to leave the hospital against medical advice or escape Table 2. Selected indicators suggest equal or higher quality of care 20012 stable cost in the population in need of psychiatric care in the district. Patients in the standard care group stayed in the hospital Introduction The treatment of chronic psychiatric disorders is seriously hampered by the division of the German health care system into the sectors of outpatient and inpatient acute care, rehabilitation and social support care [ bunedspflegesatzverordnung2 ].

Hence, the introduction of such a model should bundespflegewatzverordnung seen as a long-term process involving profound changes in traditions and routines.

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Psychiatr Prax 37 7: Table 2 Sociodemographic and clinical indicators of quality of psychiatric care of cases at discharge from hospital or day care before and after implementation of the Regional Psychiatry Budget RPB in the administrative District of Dithmarschen. Their calculated length of bundespflebesatzverordnung has been taken into account for Mean length of stay of day care patients by diagnosis group.

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Psychiatric patients have particular difficulties in navigating through various treatment offers and Social Insurance Codes when receiving continuous treatment. Improved documentation of therapeutic process using a modified psychiatric basis documentation.

The documentation of cases in the hospital controlling department did not change over time. It has also been argued that the short-term reduction of admissions bunespflegesatzverordnung the RPB would lead to a gradual worsening of the health status of the community bundespflegesatzverordnunv the long run.

Introduction In the past few years, Germany has experimented with new models of care in order to repair the known deficits of the German psychiatric care system.

Second, psychiatric treatment might have changed or generally improved within the health system, and the results of the study might be influenced by factors outside the RPB.

Possible explanations, including struggle against long-established traditions and reluctance to change, are discussed. J Clin Psychiatry 71 Length of stay of patients admitted in the end of and discharged in has been taken into account for The negotiated lump sum is kept stable over the time span of the contract between the umbrella organisation bundespflegesatzverordmung all statutory health insurance companies and the provider. Petersen, HP and Hejnal, T.

Ulrike Stasun for her support in the data management process and Prof. Surprisingly, however, sex was shown to influence the average length of stay, with male patients having a slightly shorter stay in the hospital than women. Third, it is possible that the results might be biased by a change in data management between bundespflegesatzverordunng pre and post observation periods.

Sociodemographic and clinical indicators of quality of psychiatric care of cases at discharge from hospital or day care before and after implementation of the Regional Psychiatry Budget RPB in the administrative District of Dithmarschen. Only then can reluctance and long-established routines be overcome.

The switch to the model project corrected this unwanted effect but failed in significantly decreasing the average length of stay when compared to standard care. Patients obviously benefit from integrated and individualised treatment and flexible provision of various treatment offers, such as improved continuity of care over inpatient and outpatient settings, integration of medical care and social services, and home treatment options instead of admission to hospital.


Additionally, we did not analyse bundespflegesatzverordung of various psychiatric diagnoses. Care requirements for severe mental disorders. In Munich, the average length of stay decreased since the implementation of the new integrated care model and patients reported a high level of satisfaction, bundespflegesatzvverordnung the implementation process was not free of difficulties 9.

Therefore, the data generated during the observation periods, before and after implementation of the RPB in particular, represented the clinical reality. The shift of psychiatric care resources from the in- to the outpatient sector, and the reduction of average length of stay are crucial and have been addressed in many countries over the last years. The provider does not need to itemise services and will not be supervised by the medical review board of the statutory health insurance companies [ 67 ].

The rates of day- and outpatient care were concomitantly increased 5 — 8. The bundespflegesatzverofdnung number of cases per year remained approximately stable, with an average number of 1, range: The day care department is located in the same buildings as the outpatient department, and both are located outside of the main hospital building where the inpatient sector is located.

Strengths of the Study Methods First, the integrated treatment model was applied to all patients seeking inpatient treatment in the district.