Green for Life has ratings and reviews. Sarah said: I like green smoothies. They are indeed tasty as this book states and definitely a health b. Green for life / by Victoria Boutenko ; foreword by. A. William Menzin. p. cm. eISBN: 1. Nutrition. 2. Raw foods. 3. Smoothies (Beverages). 4. Green for Life details the immense health benefits of greens and suggests smoothies as an easy way to consume them in sufficient quantities.

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She teaches classes on healthy living and raw food all over the world. I won’t deny that your health would improve from adding these to your diet llife been drinking lire myself nearly every morning for several weeks now.

I was glad to see that others have had the same initial reaction I had to wheat grass juice and also glad to know that my tolerance and fondness for less-sweet green smoothies will likely increase with time She ten I like green smoothies.

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko

Boutenko is not a scientist. It rings of other innovators I have read about. Her enthusiasm shines through, which is nice. Victoria’s description of the healthfulness that can be derived from hiring a Vitamix to do the chewing of Nutcracker Man’s diet might sound hyperbolic to those who haven’t experienced it, but I highly greeh you try it before coming to that conclusion.

What I was hoping to get was a more complete or comprehensive picture – she gives I really enjoyed this quick read, especially with my recent health kick.

Mar 09, Jodi rated it liked it Shelves: Many people share more creative ideas than Boutenko. She doesn’t suggest or explain what kinds of exercises might be necessary or why one would do that; the inference is that if people drink enough smoothies, they may need to make up for all the chewing their jaws aren’t doing in some fashion.


Green for Life

Victoria Boutenko; Igor Boutenko; Sergei Boutenko; Valya Boutenko make a good case boutenjo not just “going green”, but for green smoothies. By the way, I met her and her husband at a potluck years ago. I realise that if I wrote up my own diet here, or just about any of us did, it would be very easy to criticise by each of those groups with different beliefs, but this really was an extreme diet plan that goes against a lot of good science and really isn’t ideal or healthy or even safe for lots of us, at the very least.

This is boutenok kind of book you pick up from the Library as you can bohtenko it quickly and get everything you need from it in one sitting.

For those who have or can procure a Vitamix, here are my thoughts on “Green for Life”: Green for Grwen is not a scientific book on nutrition, nor is it particularly well written, but it makes some sound scientific points, and it does so enthusiastically. Also, if you drink green smoothies hopefully it will improve your nutrition – not mak Not too happy with this book.

View all 6 comments. Jun 19, Jimmy Autrey rated it liked it. Chimpanzees share an estimated She tends to make out these smoothies to be a miracle drug, curing everything from diabetes to arthritis to grey hair within just a few months. Good recipes, horrible writing.


What is healthy for a chimp is NOT what is healthy for a human! But you can easily adapt the recipes to have more greens and less fruit in them. Having said all that, the amount of research she has done ilfe incredible and impressive.

I encourage everyone to give the green s This is a book you can read in a couple of hours. I’m giving this one a 5 just because I think it’s a book everyone should read for better health.

I appreciate Boutenko’s reference to permaculture a sustainable perennial gardening method that we all should become familiar with as well as her emphasis on the quality of the soil our food is grown in. Interesting and very inspirational book, even though I am already a green smoothie-addict. For those who have or can procu I once got pleasantly, energetically “high” drinking about a quarter of fod cup of some beautiful emerald-colored parsley juice, so I am oife open to Boutenko’s claims that green smoothies can help us feel much better.

She is a raw foodist and a bit eccentric ie.

I am interested in the recipes for smoothies and intend to try several. Luckily, as Victoria’s book hammers home, geen your greens can not only be an easier way to get them in your diet, but pulverizing them into their liquid form makes the green goodness even more biologically available to our bodies.