Scenes of domestic abuse and the journey to recovery make Kleypas’s modern romance anything but fluff. A Wellesley grad and daughter of a. Blue-Eyed Devil (#31 on our Top Romances List) reading Sugar Daddy, Lisa Kleypas’s first foray into contemporary writing, I was eager. Blue-Eyed Devil Lisa Kleypas When Haven Travis defies her father’s wishes by marrying college boyfriend Nick Tanner, she is determined that.

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Danielle’s Reading a Chick Lit Book! It’s funny because everyone told me after I read Sugar Daddy that I would love this book more and well To Kleypas’s credit, she treats it with the seriousness it deserves by both staying with Haven throughout, including a rape, and by giving it all the drama blus-eyed deserves and not an iota more.

And I’d have made sure you never wanted to leave. Where were the boys like Hardy back when I actually was a teenager? A man who breaks every rule. Kleypas takes a risk, here, as Hardy is all-alpha and sex play often includes ileypas of pursuit, capture, and dominance.

Blue-Eyed Devil

Real men who can, and do say some incredibly sweet things, yet remain definitively, unmistakeably male. I don’t think Hardy deserved that. She made a really bad decision of marrying Nick who ended up abusing her physically and emotionally.

I was prepared to read Sugar Daddy. To ask other readers questions about Blue-Eyed Devilplease sign up. As I read about Haven’s marriage, I felt this strange kinship with her.


That’s going to be long, and it might involve a lot of cursing. And even more so that she had people she could rely on to take care of her and protect her at her most vulnerable. Now, I didn’t like Barrons you know, so maybe you won’t agree with me ; For more of my reviews, please visit: After all that, the highlight for me was Hardy Cates.

I’ve even had to translate hand-written notes for workmates because the cursive has changed so much kletpas Hardy This is a nicely-done hybrid of chick lit and romance and it’s successful on both counts. Open Preview See a Problem? She soon crosses paths with Hardy once again. I loved how her character evolved from boue-eyed a frightened young woman to become a force in her own right.

But soon she discovers that her entrepreneurial endeavors have accidentally involved her in a dangerous conspiracy – and only her husband can keep her safe. When this book came out inI drove to my local Borders and grabbed a copy just as kleupas as they opened for the day.

Just that Hardy is very forceful. Any romance fan, but especially a must read for Kleypas fans. I loved how different he was with Haven, so sweet, patient and lustful ;-D I loved how hard he pursued her, and how he had never felt about any woman the way he felt about Haven.

This book really set my heart up in flames!


View all 5 comments. I would do anything, be anything, for you. Unlike my so savvy romance reviewing sisters on here, I didn’t mark quotes, but I loved what Haven thinks about herself and Hardy together. And I loved this book, the wonderful romance, but also the deeper issues she touched upon. In one book, the sister marries a man, who her father says is not right for her, and later on he ends up being abusive. Abacus Less Andrew Sean Greer.


Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! Many people have blue-eyee this book so I won’t go into the plot, but I absolutely fell in love with it and the characters. He may acted like an asshole in the end of that book but I deffinitely wanted a HEA for him.

I was happy with the HEA, and I know you will be too. This review will have a spoiler for the first quarter or so of the book. When she meets Hardy Cates again, she is pulled again into his snare once more.

He inflicts spousal abuse upon Haven. He’s strong and heroic and there’s no doubt to his love and devotion for Haven. I was preparing myself for all things Hardy Cates and yes I got that, but it was as much kley;as story about Haven Travis too.