Nog maar een maand en dan is het al weer tijd voor Lowlands! komt het blokkenschema online en kan je de LL18 app downloaden!. You are currently browsing the tag archive for the ‘blokkenschema’ tag. I was prepared for Sophie’s Choice galore, but turns out this year’s Lowlands timetable . in Lowlands, music, music festivals | Tags: , blokkenschema, lineup, Lowlands, programma, programme, schedule, schema, timetable.

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To open the festival experience with the fierce rock raucus of Triggerfingeror Band of Skulls? Well there we have it, another musical minefield of a timetable.

Oh and my ultimate geek moment: I enjoyed it immensely and so did everyone else considering we were all still singing the last song for ten minutes after the band left the stage.

Canadian electronic beatguru Caribou was cooking up a slow intoxicating mixture of psychedelic soundscapes.

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There were quite a few people who donned tea towel head dresses for the occasion and there was a lot of yelping and shaking going on, the nervy thumping Arabian sounds worked like lodlands dance virus and infected all blokkenscuema.

Many young girls wearing jeans hotpants and Ray Bans were having the time of their lives though. Their set was a mix of new material from the upcoming album Fire Like This and the tried and tested songs from their first album.

Blokkenscchema to be shook up by the zesty zef rhymes from Ninja and Yo-Landi: Sunday Then the last festival day comes around, it must be getting easier by now right? Great show, I was already flogged at 4 PM on day 1.

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Bkokkenschema strange to have such a massive turnout for a band nobody even knows yet. To kick off Lowlands I went to see the wonderfully sultry Anna Calviwho delivered her seductive roars while cradling her guitar close to her chest.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I was almost about to leave when all of a sudden there was a major turnaround in energy. And so I decide to lowladns Massive Attack from the sidelines with some much needed refreshment. Are you coming here for Lowlands?

If there are still any regular visitors of this neglected bit of interweb left hi and blokoenschema you! The Pala visuals on the screens were beautiful too, but I would say Friendly Fires are best enjoyed in a small sweaty venue.

Not as cheeky but definitely as danceable were the synth dripping songs that Friendly Fires served up in the newly positioned Bravo tent.

Aside from Elbow and perhaps Fleet ,owlands there were no extreme highlights, astounding surprises or overwhelming discoveries to be made. But still, I was so looking forward to screaming All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!!!

They pulled it off with gusto, well done. If I run real fast I might be able to make it a cross the terrain to catch a full Foals set. As we walk in Lily Allen is already in full swing, trotting around the stage in her high heels, flirting with the cameras filming her.


Lowlands blokkenschema vrijdag 2 |

201 there were any doubts about Dutch sensation Kyteman and his Hiphop Orchestra justifying an Alpha slot, they were smashed to smithereens by thousands and thousands of festival goers pooring in and spreading out all blokkrnschema the tent. Their set was a mixture of soundscapes, beautifully layered vocals and even noiserock, with the Veckamtimest material as standout tracks.

When you wake up on day three there is always a slight feeling of panic. All in all not too bad, no severe casualties, just some cuts and grazes. But I might slip away to catch The Dresden Dolls doing their thing in the India in stead… Well there we have it, another musical minefield of a timetable.

Grizzly Bear and The Prodigy?

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig! There were a few blikkenschema that stood out but it was plain to see that everyone was there for the flower power finale Home. First band of the day for me was Young The Giantwith a performance like the one they gave kowlands few months ago at the Walk The Line festival in The Hague: Her uncompromising brand of squealing is a bit of an acquired taste, but the songs are very well put together with rediculously catchy eithies synth and singalong lyrics.

So here is a review of Lowlands in blurbs: